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Gender Male
Race Human, UCAS
Aura Type Mundane
Essence 1.95
Primary Role Rigger
Secondary Role Drone Commander
Character Sheet [| Character Sheet]
Player User:Keller


Successful SINner diving into the Shadows for revenge/justice.


Crusading Widower  : His whole motivation to continue living and shadowrunning is to discover who is responsible for his wife and daughter's deaths and bring them to justice.

Living A Double Life  : To many, he is a simple businessman tragically carrying on after the death of his more-famous wife, but in secret, he runs the Shadows.

The Unfettered  : There is nothing Mal will not do to avenge his family.

Pragmatic Hero  : While willing to do what is necessary to achieve his goals, he does not revel in it, and will take more sensible approaches when he can.

The Minion Master  : Likes to use a swarm of drones to accomplish many tasks.

Badass Driver  : His most marketable skill on a Shadowrunning team. If it has wheels, he can make it do wonders.

Tragic Keepsake : Captain Kidd, the Little Buddy drone his daughter grew up playing with. Still bearing some of her modifications and cosmetic alterations.


  • Shadowrunners were likely driving the Roadmaster that critically injured him and killed his family, they may cross paths eventually.
  • Someone must have HIRED those runners... Corporate interests? Other Government Officials? Some Personal Vendetta?
  • He tries to maintain the appearance of a normal life, running his legitimate chemical/drug supply business.
  • He was clearly involved in his wife's politics, people who were affected by her recognize Malcolm and associate him with her endeavors. Notably Metahuman rights activists, Seattle Independence movements, anti-corporate special interests, government organizations, NAN ambassadors...
  • Vic Valente is a powerful man in Seattle. Him and Malcolm have never been friends, but he's done a lot for Malcolm out of what, fondness for Nikki? Maybe guilt? Perhaps he's using the Braddock Memorial fund for his own interests...
  • Shepherd Knows Malcolm is a man of two worlds. Himself leading a double-life as a member of the Ork Nation Policlub (formerly a political ally of Malcolm's deceased wife) and as a connected member of the Skraacha, he and Mal are perhaps kindred spirits.

Notable Qualities

  • Fame (Local): Husband of fallen Seattle City Official. His wife's death came with a wave of news and paparazzi splattering his face all over the Seattle Grid, many associate him with her politics or pity his grief.
  • Steely Eyed Wheelman: Has always had a penchant for rigging vehicles to their limits.
  • Technical School Education: Has extensive education in the practical aspects of business and its various intersections with the street, corporations, and government.
  • Trust Fund : The Nikki & Jackie Braddock Memorial Fund is a popular charity which directs contributions to various welfare and political interests, while also setting aside an impressive sum to take care of Malcolm.
  • Creature of Comfort (Middle Lifestyle) : Malcolm put himself through college and runs his business too well to put up with scummy conditions. He doesn't need glitz and glam, but if the accommodations are shabby, in disrepair, or filthy, he starts to see red.
  • Day Job : Malcolm puts in a bit of face time at his business meeting the needs of his business partners and customers. While drones and employees do much of the labor, his appearances and direct intervention is often required.
  • Emotional Attachment: Captain Kidd : The Little Buddy drone that helped raise his daughter and still bears many signs of her tinkering and creativity is an emotional anchor for Malcolm.
  • Poor Self Control - Thrill-Seeker : Malcolm has always had high-octane fuel running through his veins, and occasionally needs the thrill of a high-speed chase to feel alive.
  • SINner (National SIN): UCAS : Malcolm grew up with a National SIN, and spent 30 years as an upright citizen of Seattle.


Malcolm grew up in Seattle, a UCAS SINner from a working-class family. They were able to put him through school and he became a moderately successful independent businessman, running a drug supply store by sourcing raw materials and manufacturing them in-house.

His daughter, Jackie, was mechanically inclined, and enjoyed making repairs and modifications to the Little Buddy drones Malcolm used as a workforce. One in particular garnered lavish attentions which in turn led to Malcolm springing for a cutting-edge and illegal Pilot upgrade to the drone.

His wife Nikki was an ambitious member of the Seattle government, bringing Malcolm along to countless government fund-raising functions. Nikki's politics were pro-government, anti-corporate, with a strong focus on Meta-equality, SINless outreach, cooperation with the NAN, and ultimately the independence of Seattle.

On his own time, he enjoyed recreational rigging. As something of a thrill-seeker, he enjoyed pushing his limits when jumped into vehicles of various stripes. What he couldn't accomplish in the real world he would practice in Sim-Games, VR Simulations of Rigging in combat situations and treacherous environments. His political connections enabled him to acquire the legal permits necessary for some cutting-edge rigging ware.

His life changed when a Roadmaster crashed into the family vehicle, killing his wife and daughter. The other vehicle managed to flee the scene and the party responsible was never identified. Malcolm himself suffered significant injuries in the crash which he is still recovering from with medications and physical therapy. His vocal chords were especially damaged and had to be replaced with a cybernetic prosthesis, which he then had replaced with a black-market alternative with much greater capabilities.

Malcolm strongly believes that the accident was not a coincidence, and may in fact have been a successful politically charged assassination attempt on his wife. With Knight Errant's ineffectual investigation of the crime, he had little to go on, so he turned to the underworld.

He reached out to his less reputable sources of materials and black market connections, tapping into the Shadows of Seattle. He hopes that by proving himself as a runner, he can widen his range of contacts enough to continue his own investigation, and ultimately take revenge on those responsible for the deaths of his wife and daughter. Malcolm has not had to worry overmuch about personal finances what with his business and his trust fund, but balancing his public persona with his Shadowrunning has led him to reflect deeply on who he really is.

Appearance and Style

Your average dark-haired white male action hero, except that the injuries suffered in the crash that killed his family have robbed him of his constitution. His short dark hair is accompanied by stubble which highlights the scars of his accident and subsequent life-saving surgeries. Cool-blue eyes peer out from a gaunt face, his hands and steps unsteady. He wears a string of Executive Suite ensembles each electrochromatic but almost always in shades of grey and black, reflecting his mourning period. He unconsciously affects a light scowl of displeasure and his aura continuously bleeds with the pain of his losses. His otherwise rational stoic personal nature comes with a devil-may-care attitude towards criminal activities and danger and rarely some of his dry humor can still be witnessed.

That aside, he has learned that his real mug is too recognizable to be running the shadows, so he's gotten very good at disguises. Color-changing contacts and a smart wig accomplish a great deal, but he has a full disguise kit allowing him to take liberties with his more distinguished facial features and skin tone if need be. His cybernetic voice modulator allows him to affect a completely different character vocally as well, this is all useful in the shadows, so most runners haven't been bothered by the deception.


Not hostile, but reserved. He ultimately wants to form connections that will assist him with his personal vendetta and thus does what he can to garner good will with his fellow runners and other associates, but has no need for overly personal friendships and romance is strictly off of the table. He's willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done, but prefers to have a sound plan with his bases covered before committing to rash action. He is wary of letting others into his personal life as he knows his history and (tragedy aside) charmed life may create an ill impression with the SINless criminals and terrorists he works with.


"Part of this plan involves driving on the Monorail... in our van. Is that going to be a problem for anyone?"

"I don't like Roadmasters, just have some bad blood between us. Besides, don't you see how spacious this Econovan is?"

"I just have one of those faces, other people get me confused with someone else all the time."

Goals And Motivations

  • Garner a network of contacts in and out of the shadows.
  • Find and confront the Shadowrunners (or corporate/government assassins) that killed his family.
  • Figure out who was behind the hit.
  • Take revenge on the puppet master.
  • Maintain his comfortable lifestyle.
  • Find a reason to stay alive

Great Deeds

None (Yet)


None (Yet)

Important People and Things Murdered

None (Yet)

Malcolm Braddock: A human businessman and husband to a popular Seattle Politician struck down in the prime of her life and career.

John Gee: A shadowy persona who manages quasi-legal aspects of Malcolm's business interests.

Mal: A Shadowrunner new to the scene, still wet behind the ears but possessing the skills and stomach the job requires.

Automatic Stuff


Allies: None

Enemies: None


Contact toLoyalty
Vic Valente2
Doc Flesh5
David Corleone3
Red Feather Five1
Mr. Northerind Johnson1

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3 February 2018 16:00:00Please Allow Me to Introduce MyselfCheck
Max Mayhem
4 February 2018Out-GunnedSpider
17 March 2018A Man's Soul and FaithSixgear
Snow White
Spark ;)
26 May 2018Peace Cannot Be Kept by ForceGrowth
29 June 2018Unnerving QuietCliff

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