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Gender Male
Race Human
Aura Type Mystic Adept
Essence 6
Primary Role Necromancer
Secondary Role Magic Support
Character Sheet [Google Drive]
Player User:Morrenz
Street Cred 0


A Necromancer Mage obsessed with the end. The End of Time. The End of Life... And a touch of Necrophilia.


[The Blue Oni] [I love The Dead] [Nightmare Fan] [Admiring the Abomination]



Notable Qualities

College Education: His first real interaction with the dead and grotesque first took place in university. Though he is far from being able to say that formaldehyde doesn't make him sick. One of his most vivid memories was that of a mid goblinization troll carcass.

Dulled Sense of Taste & Smell: When your senses are dulled then you're prone to seek more powerful thrills.

Impassive: Over time, with exposure, you adjust and adapt to your surroundings and Mao is no stranger to interesting surroundings. With his interests in the grotesque comes a need to adjust to some less than picturesque environments.

Disheveled: With the environments a corpse hugger may move through being disheveled is a basic understanding

Roleplayed Qualities (Non Mechanical)

Internal Conflict: It's unnatural to find comfort in the grotesque and deceased, but due to his life Mao does anyway. Nothing so transparent as cooing or outwardly obsessing about them, he has a firm understanding of societal norms as well as an understanding that he falls outside of them. It's due to this that he is very reserved and apart from most. His internal conflict will come into play when dealing with the source of it. To act as he is expected, or to act as he likes.


In truth, there's not a whole lot worth saying. Mao lived an average childhood and has had an unfortunate, but manageable, mental affliction as long as he can remember. Growing up in the Hilltop district of Downtown Tacoma, Mao didn't have the excuse those in the barrens would have had. He'd find recently deceased animals not yet removed by the automated refuse disposal devices and poke them with sticks. They were his first course in anatomy.

Later in life he'd go on to see other carcasses and learn of magical practices involving work with the dead.

Appearance and Style

Dirty, Dusty, and unkempt are many adjectives that could describe Mao. If Mao has a style underneath all the grime, it's long coats and always wearing gloves.


Mao is reserved. He keeps to himself and rarely speaks about himself. The task at hand is more important to him than any self reflection.


Mao would like to be able to afford a nice secluded home away from it all where he could experiment and make his creations in peace.


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Great Deeds

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Important People and Things Murdered


Automatic Stuff


Allies: None

Enemies: None


Contact toLoyalty
George Panderas5
Carl Mussen2
Cracky The Crack Fiend1

Notable Techniques


Notable Possessions





DateNameWorked With
1 May 2018Ark (Run)Wan
Garo (Retired)
18 June 2018From Oslo With LoveGaro (Retired)
Ice Hawk


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