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Gender Female
Race Human
Aura Type Explorer
Essence 1.7
Primary Role Hunter
Secondary Role Face
Character Sheet [Character Sheet]
Player User:Someguy_339
Street Cred 0


An Indigenous Australian woman who has come from Down Under to find and keep tabs on her sisters.


  • Sister's Keeper
  • Crocodile Dundee: No hiding the Aussie in her
  • Responsible Rebel
  • Bad Blood: Stain II Carrier from a Dropbear incident

Notable Qualities

  • Sharpshooter
  • Spirit Bane
  • Seer (FA, pg.43)
  • Carrier (Strain II)


Marlee spent much of her life in the bush, running with the odd gang and doing occasional work for the Corps. Not normally one for city life, she reluctantly agreed to check in on her sisters, Alice and Kimmi, that moved up north somewhere at the behest of their mother. Unaccustomed to life here, she is wary, but willing to learn so she can better blend in with this new crowd. She currently rents a low-end apartment in the Old Everett area, but has her eye on moving somewhere a little more open if possible. While Marlee hates the pollution and is somewhat disdainful decadence of the city, she does appreciate the freedoms the UCAS offers when it comes to firearm ownership and usage in urban areas. Her favorite will probably always be her old Springfield 2003 rifle that has been in her family for years, but she'll certainly look around for an upgrade. Magically active like her sisters, she can see and fight on the astral. This has earned her a negative reputation in the brush among spirits and they tend to react hostilely toward her due to this. She also worries about her carrier condition being discovered, knowing that the UCASers won't be very understanding. Drop Bear attacks aren't always easy to fend off!

Appearance and Style

  • Physical: 1.7m tall. Dark skin, naturally curly hair when not in dreads, brown eyes. Bulkier than average due to muscle enhancements.
  • Astral form: A fearsome looking woman that is blindingly bright, an emulation of the sun goddess Bila.
  • Matrix persona: Default icon.


Laid back. Somewhat quiet until she gets to know the people she hangs around. Focused when it comes to the job. Fierce, but rarely angry.


In addition to finding and taking care of her sisters, Marlee realizes that it might be good to have a little more experience outside of her bubble. She doesn't plan to stay forever, but she'll see what shadowrunning is like in Seattle and maybe meet some interesting people.

Automatic Stuff


Allies: None

Enemies: None


Contact toLoyalty
Francis Gray2
Belinda Yazzie2
Lilith Beaumont2
Mah Yun2

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DateNameWorked With
12 October 19 JLDude Where's My MaskMarlee
12 December 19 JLGangers' IncorporatedMarlee
24 November 2019Startling Scandal (run)Mirai


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Awakened: Awakened

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