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Max Mayhem profile.jpg
Gender Male
Race Human
Aura Type Magician
Essence 6.0
Primary Role Combat Mage
Secondary Role Support Mage
Character Sheet [| Character Sheet] [| .por]
Player User:Mordoth


A spellslinger combat mage who grew up in a normal middle-class household but chaffed under the corporate thumb and decided to leave.

Notable Qualities

Dedicated Spellslinger: If it's worth doing, it worth doing with Magic.

Exceptional Attribute: Magic: I'm the best of the best.

Albinism: Genetics are a bitch sometimes. Maybe this is why I am so good at magic?

Weak Immune System: Genetics again, magic has a price.

Lack of Focus: Hmmm? What were you saying again?


Born in Detroit Michigan on May 7th, 2054, Max's life isn't a tale of strife, loss and woe. He was born to a normal, middle-class corporate family that worked for a subsidiary of Ares, in Detroit. Max's exceptional magical aptitude was discovered by routine corporate screenings, and he was enrolled in magical studies from that point on. Given that Max's talents lay in combat magic, his later education focused on deploying him as part of an Knight Errant High Threat Response unit.

During his time under Ares' thumb, Max had already decided that the corporate life wasn't for him, i.e. too many rules and regulations. He decided that he would make his exit as his earliest opportunity. And shortly after being deployed to a KE unit in Detroit, he made some contacts that allowed him to slip his bonds and move into the shadows and erase Jake Bishop from existience.

Appearance and Style

  • Physical: 5'7", 135 lbs, and slender built, Albino pretty boy.
  • Astral form: Pretty much the same as his physical.
  • Matrix persona: Base icon for now


Max is not a planner. He's more likely to rush into things and/or play it by ear. He will gladly let others do the planning and he will play his part, but will often point out that even the best plans usually end up going sideways once the run is on. If planning goes on too long, or if anything goes on too long really, he’ll often “zone out” or get impatient to get things moving.

Restless, would be a good word to describe Max.


"Anything worth doing can be done with magic." So his major motivation is to increase his understanding of magic and his abilities to use it. Use magic as much as possible, and make a pile of Nuyen along the way.


He would like to meet a group of like-minded individuals who share similar goals, preferably an initiatory group. But getting a group of Chaos mages to do anything so formally organized is a challenge.

Great Deeds

These are yet to be written.

Max's Adventure Blogs

These are yet to be written.

Jake Bishop, Corporate SIN, Scrubbed

Max was born Jake Bishop with an Ares Limited SIN, but that identity has been scrubbed as part of the arrangements he made to leave Ares. He's now SINless. To him, Jake is dead now, he’s Max.

Peter Simon, Rating 4 Fake UCAS SIN, Occult Investigator

Max poses as an Occult Investigator when he’s not running the shadows. Peter Simon is his alter-ego he uses for that job, so he can appear legitimate when he needs to move outside of the shadows.

Automatic Stuff


Allies: None

Enemies: None


Contact toLoyalty
Mr. Munson (Seattle Fixer)3
Lisa Anastasi (Seattle Talismonger)4

Notable Techniques


Notable Possessions





DateNameWorked With
3 February 2018 16:00:00Please Allow Me to Introduce MyselfCheck
Max Mayhem
11 February 2018 17:30:00Back On The WagonMax Mayhem
Ice Hawk
17 March 2018Dancing In The RuinsGaro (Retired)
Max Mayhem


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