Millions (run)

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GM: User:AfroNin Runners:
RVP: 14
Date: 19th February 2019

Luxury barber shop owner hirse runners to rescue the infamous shadowrunner Banzai Ace (a VTOL rigger and blade street sam) who's been taken hostage by a cyberninja clan loyal to Renraku. They were planning to assimilate her into their ninja clan, while marrying her SO Amy Suzuki, an Oni Drake, off to a mysterious membrer of the ninja society. Knowing that she's on a heavily fortified train, they jump it and battle Colonel Raisa Garin, a heavily cyberaugmented Russian Ex-UCAS now-Renraku-merc.

The Little People

Short Story: A Shadowrun Love Story, Part 1

Hey guys, 4NG3L here.

The shit we say in the chat sometimes really gets me thinking, and I figured I’d use the latest meme to tell an interesting story to give people some hope in their love lives... or to just provide an interesting read for on the pot.

You see, one of the most contentious shadow-issues is a matter of the heart. To date, or not to date? If yes, how much? Enough to create a deep emotional connection? A family? Think of the children… Well, ignoring the fact that corp kids are gonna be messed up much harder than shadow-kids ever could, there’s some legitimacy to these points. Personally I’m in the date-and-family corner, but far be it from me to tell you how to live your life.

That topic brings us to Banzai Ace, however! She’s a Level 8513 Purple Mage in World of Final Fantasy XXX, but more importantly a hotshot and very unique Rigger / Blademaster combo runner. Did a few too important jobs against the Triad (you guys figure out which one of them, it’s not a secret but we don’t have to publicize it however small the scale), and got kidnapped with the help of a mystical Chinese group of assassins called the Dragonfist Clan. They’re worshipers of dragons and have to some degree mastered how to artificially turn into drakes. Interesting on its own, but it gets spicier.

So Rigger kidnapped and shoved in a box… Pretty bad, but it gets worse. The Dragonfist Clan wants her girlfriend for some nefarious transformation purpose, and they get her. Basically a worst case scenario at this point, and a prime example why you shouldn’t date while existing as a criminal entity. Of course there’s a turnabout.

Her Fixer, a wonderful gentleman in his 50s and excellent classical barber, hires some definitely unknown parties (WINKY FACE), and once he’s acquired some intel through them, runners. He picks some pretty competent folk, all I’m gonna say. They break her out mid-transport, fighting head-on this ex-UCAS Colonel now-merc by the name of Raisa Garin, Russian, Orc… Badass.

So what happened with Garin? He fell off the train, but somehow survived that drek. He’ll play a big role in the next part. Not much of a love story yet, eh? Heh, strung you along, sorry. Well, so far this shows you how good it is to be real good friends with your Fixer. The real love happens in Part 2. See you later!


Millions (run)