Miranda Susie Johnson

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Summary for GMs

Creator: User:AfroNin

Preferred meet: Dive Bar

Style: Straight

Pay: Varies, usually fair but sometimes might want more money for herself. If good arguments are made that the job needs more cash, is willing to provide it. Sticks to corporate requirements, though.

suggested Shadow Community Threshold: 4 (Any Fixer with Connection 3+ auto-succeeds?)

Mannerisms: Uses 'we' a lot, sniffs fairly often (possible novacoke addidction?), stretches when buying time to think of something to say, says "right?" too often. If negotiations are particularly stressful, will light a smoke.

RP Guidelines: Considers herself in the same boat as the runners, likes to buy runners drinks, is professional enough, though, to stay on a business level with all of them despite potential friendly allusions. Brushes off rudeness with humbleness. Is fairly young and hip with the kids, so will smalltalk a fair bit, but then rapidly get to business. Despite her job, corps are not the good guys, and always looks out for the poor SINless, even if the job requires bashing them. When asked for more info (which she can't provide due to the data lock), will appeal to trust and rep.

Should the runners not accept: That's cool. We're not actually able to give actionable information before they accept. Have a nice day.

Should the runners fail: Shame. If they willingly screwed up, then onto the blacklist they go. If they just failed, then there's a three-strike system for her jobs.

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Miranda Susie Johnson grew up SINless and worked her way up to become an independent career Johnson, a success story for many SINless, a sell-out for many others. She has a datalock that corps will gladly make use of, which usually only opens upon acceptance of a job for further information on the job. She's a UCAS citizen now, but still spends most of her time in Redmond, even though her connections would allow for more international jobs should she fancy them.

The 'Do Not Employ' List

  • Anyone with NOT higher than 6 ((more lenient to see for herself, but high Notoriety failures might not enjoy the safety of the 3 strike system))
  • Known Corpers

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