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Gender Male
Race Human, American
Aura Type Mundane
Essence 1.805
Primary Role Rigger
Secondary Role Dumpster Fire
Character Sheet [| Character Sheet]
Player User:VoroSR


Aerial-focused but broad-skill base rigger. Drop pods?!





  • Soft spot for victims of UV and memory manipulation.
  • Vitriolic, unending hatred of any and all AI.

Notable Qualities

  • Photographic Memory
  • Insomnia Full!!!
  • Too Much Data


This is the third time I had to write this out so... Murray was a kid in the ACHE. He got experimented on in UV hosts by Deus and had his memory and sense of time fucked with. As a result he feels extremely old, while not having conscious memories of it. It's pretty shitty. He then got taken in by EVO, picked at a little more (but not too harshly) before getting kicked out. He then became a shadowrunner.

It's more developed in my head, don't panic.

Appearance and Style

  • Meat: Tall, lanky fellow. Doesn't look quite right in a suit, like he should be wearing flannel. Trimmed beard, bald head, mid-late 20's.
  • Astral form: Haggard, ancient, and near-crushed by a depth of experience.
  • Astral signature: Not Applicable
  • Matrix persona: Defaults to Atlas, holding up the world.
  • Styles and symbols known for: Tries to be professional and not have these.


A stoic man in every sense of the word, who will take what life gives him. Isn't entire sure he's not in a UV host now, but worrying about it gets him nowhere, so he tries not to. The concept still keeps him up at night. Prone to quips, particularly of a dark humor.


Survive, mostly. Ideally, find happiness. It might be false, but it's all he can hope for. Barring that, a form of ascension - a way to unshackle himself from this world and exceed it - but that's... not real likely.


None, yet.

Luke Nestle

Rating 4 UCAS. Executive Protection, Pilot, and Augmentations licenses.