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Gender Male
Race gnome, UCAS
Aura Type Mundane
Essence .12
Primary Role B&E
Secondary Role Muscle
Character Sheet [Character Sheet]
Player User:xCENTUMx


Full limb replacement Gnome that's totally a shadowrunner, has definitely been a runner for a long time. He definitely knows what he's doing. At least he's pretending to be that.

Also he has 2 grapple hands which should get him into some interesting situations. He's in the Shadows because he feels like it's in his blood, and also to someday uncover the identity of the person or people who are responsible for his parent's death, and his disfigurement.


Brash: Noodle knows how to plan, but more often than not, he'd rather just do things directly. While his specialty is Breaking and Entering, he's not necessarily the sneak in and sneak out without anyone being the wiser type. He's more like the sneak in, do a bunch of damage and then leave without them finding out who did it kinda of guy.

Conniving: Despite being a blunt instrument himself, he has the ability to be quite devious when it amuses him.

Chip on his Shoulder: Noodle feels like he's made to be a runner, every other occupation is below him.

I've got This: Noodle will attempt anything that seems vaguely plausible if prompted, or if he just thinks it'll make him look cool.


  • Searching for who killed his parents and maimed him
  • Father was a Runner named Doom Carbon
  • Mother worked Corporate Security at Columbia Industries, a Horizon subsidiary that deals in simsense mods.
  • is a Gnome

Notable Qualities

  • Poor Self Control (Combat Monster)
  • Electronic Witness
  • Uses sensors for primary vision/hearing (internally routed)
  • face is scarred and his eyes are milky.


and Dad would be gone. Mom would say that he just ran to the store, or that he was out with friends. It wasn't till after the accident that I found out what he was really up to.

My Dad was a badass. And by extention so was Mom. Oh wait I think I missed a step there... So as the story goes Mom and Dad met on a job. Dad was hitting Columbia Industries (a Horizon simsense subsidiary) that my Mom was working security, now I don't know the particulars of the event, but the story goes that somehow Mom got the drop on Dad and took him captive. Dad said he let her take him hostage, Mom laughed and comments on how she doesn't want to hurt his pride.

Dad would teach me the languages in the area, about art, and architecture. Just by being around Mom and Dad I picked up a lot about Law and Law enforcement. Not sure how they made it work, but they did. Right up till the accident.

Seemed like any other day. Don't they always? We're driving down the highway when all the sudden everything went black and all I could hear was ringing. The heat was intense and I could feel the sting of the shrapnel all over my body before I passed out. I didn't know what was going on for a couple of weeks. My vision was blurry and I couldn't hear drek. But worse was my body. Those were some long painful months. But after my first few cyber replacement surgeries it became pretty normal.

My parent's life insurance paid for some cyberlimbs to get me up and moving around, but because that money had to last for me to get upgrades as I aged they weren't so great. It wasn't till later that I found their hidden bank account information in the house. I think they set it up so that I could find it, because it seemed pretty obvious after I started looking. If only finding the bomber's name was so simple.

Along with the bank information there was a comm number for May Yun. Not a clue who he/she is, but they've been pretty helpful thus far. Best I can figure, they were either a part of my father's team, or just a close contact. They are how I found out that the only lead I've got is KE's best recreation of the bomb and some serial numbers that lead me to a shell corp linked to MCT, but what does KE know? I'm going to go into the Shadows to find out for myself. I've got enough training and enough knowledge and Cyber to get me the answers I am looking for.

Until I can find more infromation, I'll stick to the shadows and see what I can unearth. Make Mom and Dad proud.

Appearance and Style

  • Meat: Noodle's face is scarred from cuts and burns, his eyes are slightly milky and his hair is almost always a mess. He's got 4 obvious cyberlimbs and some chrome in his head.
  • Astral form: (Depends on how low Essence characters are portrayed in the Astral here)
  • Astral signature: Only relevant for mages or adepts able to cast spells.
  • Matrix persona: Person made of macaroni
  • Styles and symbols known for:


Not 100% sure till I Play him a bit honestly.


Find out who blew up his parents (and him) back when he was a kid


Greg Nuberg

  • Driver's License
  • Firearm License
  • Restricted Armor License
  • Restricted Cyberware License

Automatic Stuff


Allies: None

Enemies: None


Notable Techniques


Notable Possessions





DateNameWorked With
7 April 2018Just Another Way To Die: A Look In The EyeGrowth
15 April 2018Into The New WorldActaeon
26 April 2018Press gangedRyuko
Spark ;) (Contact)
22 May 2018Hep! 1Noodle


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Awakened: Awakened

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