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Matrix Persona

Summary for GMs

Creator: User:AfroNin

Preferred meet: Matrix only

Style: Straight

Pay: Fair

suggested Shadow Community Threshold: 4 (Any Fixer with Connection 3+ auto-succeeds?)

Mannerisms: Saying jobs are easy, keeping meets brief, reveling in the Illusive Man performance on the Matrix. rest unknown due to Matrix.

RP Guidelines: Stay cool, calm, but decisive. No "uh's", no street slang, no jovial nicknames or what have you - this is straight up business. We can have a little fun once all things are in order, but not too much. Don't beat around the bush, try to keep a friendly but rough atmosphere. Don't insult the runners, either, no ego-driven tirades. Runners overtly insulting or blatantly unprofessional themselves get a "simmer down, man", and if they don't, they get kicked out of the host. Being manipulative or unnecessarily secretive isn't very conducive to a solid bottom line; those kinds of jobs are for other Johnsons.

Should the runners not accept: That's cool. We're not stupid enough to give actionable information before they accept. Have a nice evening.

Should the runners fail: Not getting hired again. Incompetence AND failure are both not good. He needs dependable people, but is willing to give some remorseful runners willing to work for exposure again a second chance.

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Null is a Johnson for Aztechnology. While a lot of his co-workers like to pretend they are from different corporations or employ other tricks to avoid particularly vicious shadowrunners, Null meets people on the Matrix in secured hosts exclusively. He also makes it a point to minimize unfortunate surprises for runners, investing a lot of personal time into legwork and offering up strategically relevant information even at the cost of runners backing out last-minute. The jobs that he likes to sell very often include wetwork, retrievals and sabotage, but he always leaves his employees with fair market-appropriate pay.

The 'Do Not Employ' List

  • Anyone with NOT higher than 3 or Bad Rep ((An open Aztech Johnson can't afford unprofessional people))
  • Dick Lightning
  • Garo
  • Wan

Jobs given to PCs on the Dark