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Gender Male
Race Human, UCAS
Aura Type Adept
Essence 6.0
Primary Role Muscle
Secondary Role Breaking & Entering
Character Sheet [Google Drive]
Player User:OC2000
Street Cred 0


Former UCAS Special Forces Operator, unarmed combat, small arms specialist, breaking and entering expert.


  • The day I got out I became a mercenary. And mercenaries get paid!
  • Spartan
  • Super Soldier


Notable Qualities

  • Prototype Transhuman
  • Allergy(Common/Mild): Bees
  • Phobia(Common/Mild): Bees
  • Tough and Targeted
  • Day Job (Locksmith, 20hrs/week)
  • Perfect Time
  • SINner (UCAS)


Orion was born in a cutting edge genetech facility that ran an experimental program manipulating the human genome in fetuses. Unfortunately competing interests saw the funding rerouted and the program cut due to abnormalities that they could not resolve during the manipulation process. All thirteen children, identified by a roman numeral tattoo on their right shoulder, were to be liquidated. Due to a malfunction (manipulation....) in the piloting program of the vehicle that was transporting the children to their demise, the vehicle stopped in front of an orphanage which took the children in and disbursed them throughout the UCAS to families that were seeking a child to raise as their own.

Orion was adopted as an infant by a Japanese couple who could not have children of their own and was given the name Jimmy Lu. He grew up in a Yakuza controlled neighborhood of Seattle. He ran with a couple asian gangs as a teen working jobs for the Yaks. After narrowly escaping a botched hit by another rival gang, he bounced and joined the UCAS Army at 17. His incredible agility was beyond the charts. His awakened status B-lined him straight to a special operations detail with the UCAS Special Forces only two years into his first enlistment. He continued his career as a special forces operator for another 11 years, honing his body and manipulating his magic to make him a lethal weapon.

After several deployments and covert missions around the world, he had enough. Orion felt used and abused. A tool for a machine that had an insatiable hunger to use him. On top of the relentless pace, he got paid peanuts. All his brothers who had gotten out to freelance were making big nuyen and he though why not him. He wanted a piece of that pie. He wanted to control his destiny and make his own path. Orion broke from his masters and struck out on his own. Using his deadly skills to carve a path for himself on the streets of Seattle and make a name for himself.

Orion headed back to Seattle after being discharged from military service. He has 600 nuyen in his pocket, a crappy apartment in Touristville, and needs work. Luckily for him, some of his contacts he had made while conducting covert ops (aka well funded Shadowruns) around the world, had settled in Seattle too. Now to find some work.

Appearance and Style

  • Meat: Stocky Asian male with short jet black hair, and a tattoo of the roman numeral XIII on his right shoulder. Usually wears t-shirt with tactical pants and hiking boots. Usually wears mirrored shades, occasionally a beard.
  • Matrix persona: A monochrome Spartan warrior in armor, sword on his waist, Spartan shield on his back, holding a long spear.


  • Very professional and all business when around Mr. Johnson.
  • A healthy dose of paranoia. Always looks for the nearest exit and sizes up everyone who comes close enough for melee combat.
  • Relentless in combat. In order to win a war, you must become war.


  • Making money.
  • Not getting caught.


  • None yet.

Name: Jimmy Lu

Chargen: Prime

Awakened: Awakened