Our Kind Of Traitor

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GM: User: Ice Hawk Runners:
RVP: 16
Date: 27 December 2018

Reggie Sykes hires the team to finally extract his mole inside of MCT. To the teams surprise it is MCT Johnson Ashley Imaharra. To help the runners on their mission, Reggie loans the team Dr. Grant Imaharra, Ashley's brother, who runners extracted for EVO on a previous run. In preparation for their mission, the team decides that they need more information on how MCT views Ashley, and so Angel has to hack the rating 10 MCT North America host. Growth buffs Angel's mental stats, while Lueur provides leadership, and Leaf provides teamwork as Angel penetrates one of the deadliest hosts in Seattle. Through numerous close calls, Angel manages to not only extract vital intelligence about Ashley, but also a slew of highly sensitive pay data without tripping any alarms. Having secured what they came for, and wanting to disguise the target of their mission, Angel purposely trips the alarm by wiping her resonance signature, and after a brief confrontation jacks out victoriously.

Going through the data the team can see that Ashley's department is currently under a great deal of scrutiny, as MCT knows someone has been leaking information to EVO, but they are not sure who. Ashley's stellar performance though, has made MCT believe that she is not the spy involved. The runners decide to bait out Ashley, by having Dr. Imaharra contact her, pretending to be looking to go back to MCT with information about the identity of the spy, but will only trust an extraction by his sister Ashley.

MCT takes the bait, and as the runners confirm that Ashley is on the extraction squad, Wan is spotted, and the enemy extraction team goes on high alert. As Leaf provides overwatch in the astral, and Lueur provides leadership, Wan manages to grab Ashley Imaharra and get her to safety in Angel's car, and then double back to hold the enemy team in place as Growth drops a massive blast spell on the entire team in one shot, leaving them just barely alive, as the team escapes. Their escape is complicated by the arrival of an MCT helicopter. Angel tries to lose it by diverting into the Orc Underground, but the helicopter pulls of a truly impressive feat to follow them, but is unable to repeat it when Angel again diverts out of the underground, leaving the helicopter trapped there. Ashley has been safely extracted to EVO, and as a consequence will not be able to be contacted by anyone not on this run.

Future runs will deal with the paydata that was recovered.

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Our Kind Of Traitor