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Gender GENDER: Male
Race Elf, SINless Dakota
Aura Type
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Primary Role Primary Role:Spell Mechanic
Secondary Role SECONDARY ROLE: Face
Character Sheet User:Pelgrad007

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Mage Elf who is ignorant of technology takes on the World


Drinks, talks many languages,


Not tech Savy - Knows nothing of ANY Technology


He is done for anything that gathers more money or magic, will not go against people he deems innocent, sucker for pretty face.

Notable Qualities

Mild Alcohol addiction


Opee Taylor is the 4th son out of 4 born of two Corporate Sin parents that where among the elite of NEONET who ran when they saw the influence being brought ot bear on their children whose magical gifts expressed themselves very early, after the birth of their 2nd son the two ran into the Dakota territories to raise their children where the 2nd pair of their children where born. Opee was raised trading among the Sioux and quickly picked up several languages from smugglers that his parents helped cross between Seattle and Chicago. His natural language ability helped secure better deals among the 'traders/smugglers'. After his oldest brother went back East and his 2nd brother got burned in Chicago Opee decided to travel West and try his skills in the shadows, before he left he was visited by the ThunderBird and has been guided by the Spirit in his path West.

Appearance and Style

  • Meat: Tall extreemly thin Elf, He dresses in a suit and armored coat frequently wearing a cowboy hat with a flat brim. He has no modifications and never seems to carry a weapon.
  • Astral form: A Huge Feathered Bird, White with lightning dancing around him
  • Astral signature: Electric Feather
  • Matrix persona: Never been in the Matrix
  • Styles and symbols known for: He dresses in a suit and armored coat frequently wearing a cowboy hat


He occasionally goes on a bender and tries to pick up comely lasses and is fluent in several lanquages that he readily engages other bar patrons in. He tries to talk his way out of most difficulties, and when he can turn invisibile and walk away. In combat he tries to overwhelm his foes with magic and attacks from his summoned Air elementals.  Despite his willingness to walk away from most conflicts if people insult him he is likely to respond in kind,.....or worse.


He wants more magic,....and women


Juan Carlos

Magic license

Grinall Takanaka

Magic license

Name: Opee Taylor

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Awakened: Awakened

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