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Gender Male
Race Elf, American
Aura Type Magician
Essence 6
Primary Role Mage
Secondary Role Face
Character Sheet Google Drive
Player User:SirBercelak
Street Cred 5


A competent mage, backup-face, and older brother, turning to the shadows to support his younger siblings.


Perzeval exemplifies Promoted to Parent and is completely a Family Man, while still being a Big Brother Mentor. But don't get me wrong, he absolutely rocks his Ray-Bans and tailored suit with the best of them.


  • Has four younger siblings he looks out for.
  • Keeps on the lookout for trustworthy runners to work with.
  • Always willing to learn more about magic and further his knowledge.
  • Telestrian Industries is currently sponsoring him and his siblings.

Notable Qualities

  • Bilingual + Linguist: Speaks Sperethiel fluently, and loves learning new languages.
  • Consummate Professional: If you're going to be a 'runner, be a professional 'runner.
  • Mentor Spirit (Firebringer) + Chosen Follower: He will help people, particularly his friends, without asking for much in return (including helping them be more professional without them needing to ask)
  • Records on File (Tir Tairngire): Unbeknownst to him, Tir Tairngire has records of his parents from when they used to work for the Tir.
  • Code of Honor: Paladin's Code: Live by the code.

Roleplayed, but not mechanical:

  • Dependent (Inconvenience): His younger siblings, as described in the "Background" section.


Thaddeus learned all he knows of magic from his parents. He always suspected they had been trained by an organized group, a government, or a corporation, but they never talked about their past. At the top of the list of suspects would be Tir Tairngire, with his parents having worked in special operations or intelligence. He surmises they fled a number of years ago for ethical reasons, or perhaps to start a family away from that world. Whatever the reason, his suspicions were partially confirmed when they disappeared.

The eldest child of the family, Thaddeus learned early what it meant to be responsible. He takes after his father in height, appearance, and magical abilities, but has a personality more similar to his mother's. At the age of 17, his parents disappeared, completely, without a warning and leaving no trace—not even a note. Bouncing between odd jobs and without a stable source of income, he struggled to support himself and raise his four younger siblings. As a last resort, he turned to the shadows in order to find better paying work.

Having taken care of his younger siblings for more than ten years, Thaddeus wants better for them. He hopes they never have to become a shadowrunner to make ends meet, never risk their lives on a daily basis, never have to look behind themselves at every street corner. Though he holds these fears, he would rather they become a shadowrunner over joining a gang, mafia family, or yakuza family because, after all, there are worse fates than being a professional, free-lance criminal. Instead, Thaddeus risks his own life, knowing if he should die Hayden and Maris would be able to take care of Kalyn and Giles.

Thaddeus and all his siblings are fluent in both Sperethiel and English, and unless guests are present, they talk to each other in a mix of Sperethiel and English at home.

Appearance and Style

  • Meat: Standing at a little over an average elf's height, his black, straight hair is combed behind his ears, and his brilliant green eyes always seem to be smiling, unless the conversation is about business.
  • Astral form: He looks like his physical self, but his clothes always sit perfectly on him - far more perfectly than in the physical world.
  • Astral signature: A murmuring of laughter, and light shining through the leaves of a forest at noon.
  • Matrix persona: A royal Griffin


He bears himself confidently, but not brashly, and is willing to talk first and shoot second. Due to his upbringing, he can give off the responsible, older brother vibe, entirely unintentionally.


  • Take care of his family
  • Continue to walk the Path of the Wheel
  • Develop his magical abilities


  • Gained a gift from a dragon (which was used to defeat an ancient evil)
  • Argued with Garo, and didn't get shot for it
  • Performed an incredibly good solo with Mal, backed up by the Red Feather Five (8 hits), without being trained in performing
  • Went fishing near Stockholm while on the job


  • Mr. Levitate

Perzeval's Siblings


Age: 25

Gender: Male

Status: Employed

Nickname/handle: Grigor

Awakened: Yes (Adept)

As an adept, the nickname Grigor, an old word meaning “watchful; vigilant”, is quite apt, since Hayden primarily focuses on the Invisible Way as an adept and is in general a calm and collected person. When he was younger, he demonstrated he would not be as charming and outgoing as Thaddeus by being withdrawn and more physically active. Hayden outgrew such tendencies of reclusion, and grew into his nickname well.

The second oldest, Hayden looks up to Thaddeus—but you will never hear that from him. Instead, Thaddeus and Hayden maintain a relationship of mutual respect. This began to form when Hayden graduated from highschool and began to find his own way in life, and Thaddeus realized Hayden needed greater personal freedom to continue to grow. Not that such a decision came easy to Thaddeus, whose natural instinct is to protect his siblings from any and all danger.

Hayden works as a security guard, although he wishes he had a job where he could leverage his adept powers to their full extent. Although he has heeded Thaddeus’ warnings to stay out of the shadowrunning business so far, Hayden still wants to do more with his life than stand on watch.

After participating in the events of A Day In The Life Of Wan Pt 4 alongside Thaddeus, he began to do a little shadow work using Thaddeus' network of contacts, having shown himself to be capable to Thaddeus' satisfaction.

Recently, he was given a Barrett to fix up after Thaddeus had picked it up while on the job.


Age: 21

Gender: Female

Status: Student

Nickname/handle: Frostbite

Awakened: Yes (Magician)

Maris learned about the Path of the Wheel tradition from Thaddeus, who in turn learned about it from their father. Out of all his siblings, Maris and Thaddeus get along the best due to the fact both of them are magicians and similar in temperament.

As a joke, Thaddeus gave her the nickname “Frostbite,” since Maris loves learning and using spells involving ice and water, and rarely will show interest in any other type of spell, much to Thaddeus' consternation. Still, she is a competent magician, much like her older brother.

In fact, her personality is the opposite of her nickname. Maris is outgoing, compassionate, and charming, similar to Thaddeus. The nickname stuck because Hayden found it humorous and would tease her about it. Eventually, everyone in their family accepted it, and it has now become a family in-joke.

Currently, she attends Washington University, studying law, and works as a clerk in a law firm part-time.


Age: 19

Gender: Female

Status: Student (high school)

Nickname/handle: Kal-eidoscope (Scope)

Awakened: Yes (Mystic Adept)

As opposed to her older siblings, Kalyn is, as Thaddeus would describe her, a hand-full. She would instead describe herself as free-spirited (which has nothing to do with free spirits, thankfully). Either way, Thaddeus swears she will cause him to gray early, and calls her Kaleidoscope, or Scope for short, as a representation of her emotional state at any given moment (according to Thaddeus). In actuality, Kalyn has matured to a calmer state, but everyone still calls her Scope.

When it comes to magic, Kalyn learns both from Thaddeus and Hayden. As a reflection of this, she has chosen to follow the Magician’s Way as a mystic adept. Kalyn is still discovering what area of magic she wants to specialize in, but is skilled in both social and physical applications of magic.


Age: 16

Gender: Male

Status: Student (high school)

Nickname/handle: The Colonel

Awakened: Yes (Adept)

Giles, the youngest of the Fletchers, is disproportionately bossy. Thaddeus claims Giles only learned to speak to better communicate his demands—and he's half serious with this claim. Thus, Giles picked up the nickname “Colonel” early, given to him by Hayden. Everyone agreed this was an accurate description of Giles.

Though early in his development as an adept, Giles is already leaning towards the Speaker’s Way, following in the footsteps of their mother. Thaddeus can already tell Giles will be every bit as charismatic as their mother, if not more so.

Thaddeus' usually helps with Giles's homework when he needs it, while Hayden will help him with learning what it means to an adept. Giles aims to be the most charismatic out of all his siblings (to surpass Thaddeus), but looks up to and idolizes Hayden. In Giles's own words, Hayden, “works out.”


Age: 5 (estimated)

Gender: Male

Status: Pet (Dog: German Shepard)

Nickname/handle: None

Awakened: No

Four years ago, Kalyn found Ace as a puppy, a few months old, abandoned on the side of the road. Out of pity, Kalyn brought him home, much to Thaddeus' annoyance. Though against the idea initially, Thaddeus caved due to pressure from all of his younger siblings. From that time forward, Ace wiggled his way into Thaddeus' heart, and is just a part of the family as any of them. Kalyn is primarily responsible for him.

Connor Furset

A former UCAS private magical investigator, who's worked for the past couple of years in Seattle, and now works as a security consultant for Telestrian Industries.

Automatic Stuff



Name: Sally Location: Seattle Relationship: Smuggler Connection: 3 Loyalty: 3 Metatype: Ork (Hobgoblin) Sex: Female Age: Middle-Aged Type of connection: Networking Personal Life: Unknown Preferred Payment: Hobbies/Vice: Cars

Enemies: none


  • Name': Francine Location: Seattle Relationship: Fixer

Connection: 2 Loyalty: 2 Metatype: Human Sex: Female Age: Unknown Type of connection: Legwork Personal Life: Unknown Preferred Payment: Credstick Hobbies/Vice: Cars

  • Name: "Mr. Johnson" Location: Seattle Relationship: Mr. Johnson

Connection: 2 Loyalty: 2 Metatype: Sex: Male Age: Type of connection: Personal Life: Unknown Preferred Payment: Credstick Hobbies/Vice:

  • Name: Sean Location: Seattle Relationship: Corporate Wage Slave

Connection: 1 Loyalty: 1 Metatype: Human Sex: Male Age: Young Type of connection: Personal Favors Personal Life: Divorced Preferred Payment: Credstick Hobbies/Vice: Family Obligations/Kids

Notable Techniques


Notable Possessions

  • GM Bulldog
  • Suzuki Mirage
  • 2x MCT-Nissan Roto-Drone
  • MCT Fly-Spy
  • Cyberspace Designs Dalmation


  • Jessica Beaumont (4), UCAS


DateNameWorked With
26 July 18 JLA Dead Man's Treasure: The Price of SuccessPerzeval
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17 March 2018A Man's Soul and FaithSixgear
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17 March 2018Dancing In The RuinsGaro (Retired)
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24 March 2018Quirk of FateHarrier
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31 March 2018Cyclonized TyphoonCheck
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10 April 2018Man-madeSpider
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6 May 2018 18:00:00The Old(est) SwitcharooGrowth
8 May 2018A Day In The Life Of Wan Pt 4Wan
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12 May 2018 01:30:00JabberwockySnow White
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26 May 2018Peace Cannot Be Kept by ForceGrowth
30 May 2018I Was Happy In ShanghaiGrowth
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8 June 2018Choose Your Own Adventure 2Perzeval
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10 June 2018Can you hear it coming?EGrowth
4 July 2018A Zone That Is Yes, Forbidden... To YOU!3L T1GR3
13 July 2018Deal With A Lesser DevilPerzeval
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15 July 2018Out Of Touch (Run)Cain
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13 July 2019Rabble RousingPerzeval
21 January 2020Revisionist HistoryGhost-3
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22 March 2020UnRakuPandora
13 April 2020Not Today (run)Wan
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12 June 2020Black Star: HomecomingMarauder


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