Proprietary Tech (run)

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GM: User:Rinnolk Runners:
RVP: 12
Date: 27 Feb 2019

Runners were hired by a Tanaka-san to grab a certain tech-box out of a KE precinct of Bellevue. The team accepted and started poking around and calling contacts for more info. They discovered Ares was doing some research on the mcguffin right in the secure evidence storage. Some fire hazards were introduced via expensive server-like hardware, and the runners were happy to exploit that. With the fire as their distraction, and posession shenanigans, they were able to get the mcguffin, which turned out to be an AI called Lyric, out of the precinct, fighting off the pursuit. After much debate, the AI was returned to Ryleigh Rocket, a trid star the AI was living with before. Jagganoth and Presence covered for Sandoka, who was against this arrangement.

1 Not and 1 more karma for Jag and Presence.

The Little People

Proprietary Tech (run)