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Gender Female
Race Elf, English
Aura Type Adept
Essence 6
Primary Role Face Adept
Secondary Role Impersonation
Player User:TheBloodMantis
Street Cred 0


Body Sculpt adept


People change

Tries to never look the same twice.

I Never Lie

even their face is a lie

People Person

Likes to make contacts and help people

That's so Raven

Follows Raven so is a little bit of a dick.


  • Making contacts and taking names

Character Folder


Notable Qualities

  • Mentor Spirit Raven
  • Faceless


Being born in Northern Scotland to a poor family, with her father working in a factory, and her mother working as a maid. Her family was a large one, with her having six siblings, one of which being her twin. Needing money and less mouths to feed, her parents sold her to a Croki called Cettia to act as a living art piece. That happened when she was only 2 years old. Growing up she was made to model whatever the Cettia wished. Eventually when she awakened during her teenage years, Cettia began training Rúnda on how to digusie herself and talk her way into anywhere. The reason why is because connections are useful, and someone working under you who can look like anyone, can help make said connections.

Upon turning 19, Rúnda was sent to Seattle to try and make connections with any powerful player there, and to be able to set up the basis of a network.

Appearance and Style

  • Meat: Whatever she decides
  • Astral form: An average sized elf woman with features changing slightly constantly
  • Matrix persona: A dark grey completely mundane avatar
  • Styles and symbols known for: Blue eye and frequent swearing




  • Nuyen

Ava Jackson (UCAS)

R4 Fake Adept License, PI License.

Name: Rúnda

Chargen: Standard/Sum to 10

"Adept" is not in the list (Mundane, Awakened) of allowed values for the "Has awakenedness" property.