Regeneron Seattle HQ

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Regeneron Seattle HQ.jpg

The Seattle Headquarters of Regeneron Technologies, located on the northern coast of Elliott Bay. It has a skywalk that connects its two buildings to each other, one of which sits on a man-made island in the bay.

Truths, Rumors and Lies

News (1), Rumors (1), Shadow Community (3): Regeneron got hit during a huge storm, and got three of their scientists extracted. Heard it was a loud, bloody business, and two runner teams were involved.

Matrix Search (1), Area Knowledge (1): The information above.

Local History (1), History (2), Area Knowledge (2), Matrix Search (3): Regeneron built the building itself as a demonstration of its advanced nano-construction techniques, in an effort to show off its CFD-hardened nanites. You have no idea if the nanites are actually better at dealing with CFD or if it's just a marketing ploy.

Matrix Search (6): Regeneron's HQ mostly uses its own security. They have pretty standard corpsec security guards, and one elite team on site.


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