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One Chip Equals:
You can't gain chips with Ackerman, except through run rewards.
You can spend downtime or nuyen to pay back chips, or pay your contacts nuyen for services directly.

Special Operations Forces Commander (Networking), Connection ???? (Private)

Common Dice Pools: Networking 24 [15]. (Networking is generally free)

Reiner Samuel Ackerman earned his callsign “Fisher” from his cold, contained, and professional approach to operations in the field. In his early fifties, he remains active in Division 4, deploying when he needs to direct teams from the field instead of his desk. However, most of his time is spent keeping Division 4 ahead of the enemy--be they terrorist, corporate, or other--collecting intelligence, assigning teams to targets, and above all maintaining Division 4’s secrecy.

He started his career in the German military in the navy's Kampfschwimmer, and soon was picked up by the Kommando Spezialkräfte. After many successful missions, upheavals in German politics forced him to go on the run and hunt down traitors in the government, and once that was complete he left the military and joined the PMC named Asgaard. During his tenure there, he continued to distinguish himself up until Saeder-Krupp purchased the company and incorporated it into their security forces.

Sometime during the acquisition, Ackerman was handpicked by Lofwyr to oversee more delicate operations. Once again proving himself, Lofwyr appointed him to oversee anything the Golden Dragon deems too important to leave to the regular security forces of the megacorporation. Ackerman created Division 4 as a means to organize these types of activities and recruit talented specialists.

To the outside world, however, Ackerman was a distinguished military man, attaining high honors until he disappeared to work behind a desk in Asgaard and then S-K. Few know of the close connection between Lofwyr and Ackerman, and fewer still would believe it. Very few within Division 4 itself know Ackerman takes orders directly from Lofwyr, but what they do know is that he is loyal to Germany, S-K, and world order.

Grizzled Veteran You can't take Reiner Ackerman, increase his loyalty, or gain chips, with downtime.

Intelligence Gathering Ackerman will pay a reward for captured terrorists and spies who mean harm to Germany, S-K, or world order (at the GM's discretion). If your GM needs a connection, say 8.

B A R S W L I C Edg Ess Magic
6 10 10 10 6 10 10 6 7 2 8

Skills: Sneaking 12, Etiquette 8, Automatics 11, Blades 4, Perception 7, Demolitions 11, Leadership 5, Locksmith 4, Survival 7.
(Eight hours of safe work costs two chips)

Skill Pools: Sneaking 28 [12], Etiquette 16 [7], Automatics 21 [12], Blades 14 [12], Perception 20 [12], Demolitions 22 [12], Leadership 14 [7], Locksmith 14 [12], Survival 16 [12].
(Eight hours of safe work costs two chips)

Knowledge Skills: Military 6, Saeder-Krupp Heavy Industries 7, Dragons 6, Security Design 7, Jackpoint 6, Berlin 7.
(They'll generally tell you what they know for a chip)

Knowledge Skill Pools: Military 19 [7], Saeder-Krupp Heavy Industries 20 [7], Dragons 18 [7], Security Design 20 [7], Jackpoint 19 [7], Berlin 20 [7].
(They'll generally tell you what they know for a chip)

Ask around 14 [15] (Asking around costs at least two chips). For some topics, the contact has more dice: Sneaking 17 [15], Military 14 [15], Saeder-Krupp Heavy Industries 15 [15], Dragons 14 [15], Security Design 15 [15], Jackpoint 14 [15], Berlin 15 [15].
Networking 24 [15]. (Networking is generally free)
Find Gear 6 [15]. (Finding gear costs a chip)


Facts about "Reiner Ackerman"
Connection???? +
Contact PermissionsPrivate +
Contact TitleSpecial Operations Forces Commander +
Contact TypeNetworking +
First special ability descYou can't take Reiner Ackerman, increase his loyalty, or gain chips, with downtime. +
First special ability nameGrizzled Veteran +