Revenge of the Spidermoose

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GM: User:Someguy_339 Runners:
RVP: 12
Date: 30 March 2019

Runners head to the Tsimshian Nation to once again help out Tammy Whitestar with her scientific research on Spidermoose. The runners find that the operation has moved underground as a recent attack on Tammy's research facility has lead the Salish government to shut down the project. Project volunteers have grown in number and have started calling themselves the Red Star Society after the red star stickers Tammy gives out for a job well done. For this mission, Tammy needs the team to retrieve information stolen by the attackers and return her spidermoose test subject — oh, and rescue her captured assistant Shortknife if they have time. The job is low paying, but the runners agree and start asking around the makeshift bar/research lab the Red Star Society calls home. Brick meets with one of his HNLA contacts and finds that the attackers consisted of toxic mages and some "warriors". Odd thing was, they took the research and commlinks, which is out of character for toxic mages.

The team make their preparations, tracing one of the missing links that is still active and reviewing the footage of the raid. The "warriors" seem to be dressed-down professionals, although not dressed down to the point of not using Yamaha Raidens as their weapons of choice. Borrowing a Thundercloud from the HNLA, the team set off into the wilderness to locate the commlink, only to immediately run into a Salish military patrol. Songbird plays the lost out-of-towner and adroitly misdirects them from the minotaur in the footwell and his heavy machine gun, and the team make their way to the commlink. Its current holder is cocooned in spidermoose webbing in a glade of angel squirrels. Artillery deftly picks off a few squirrels from long range before a more general firefight erupts, and Jagganoth crashes into the fray to mix it up with the angel squirrels while radrats attack from behind. With the toxic wildlife pacified and Jagganoth mildly hazardously irradiated, the body is retrieved and the team set up camp for the night.

The corpse shows all the signs of being a corporate soldier with a generous augmentation budget. After his broken commlink is fixed, a quick browse reveals him and his team to be working for MCT, and tasked with the retrieval of all of Tammy's moose silk research.

A new day dawns and the team manage to follow a vehicle trail to an isolated gully. Investigation reveals that the corporate soldiers are holed up in a cave covered by an illusion, but a sludge spirit is on patrol nearby and they have a gun turret covering the entrance. To further complicate matters, Shortknife and the captured spidermoose are both tied up in the back of the cave. Artillery plugs the sludge spirit at range with his beloved SVD, then neutralises the gun turret inside while the rest of the team rush inside. The four remaining corporate soldiers and their questionable mage companions are unceremoniously defeated, leaving only two soldiers alive. One of the remaining soldiers takes Shortknife and the spidermoose hostage at gunpoint - then knifepoint after his gun mysteriously explodes in a shower of burning electronics. After a considerable amount of shouting on the part of Jagganoth, they agree to surrender on the condition that they won't be killed. Brick decides that 'alive' is the absolute limit on the team's obligations, and after rescuing Shortknife the team begin discussions on who they can sell members of an extremely unpopular company to. Eventually it's agreed on that the HNLA will just kill them after interrogation, so it's 'suggested' to the MCT company men that they join the Red Star Society on account of that giving them the best odds on continuing breathing.

They reluctantly agree to try it out, and are left in the tender clutches of Tammy's warrior-scientists. Shortknife is put back to work, the spidermoose research subject is returned to its poorly-constructed pen and the Red Star Society can continue to save the world.

What could possibly go wrong?

The Little People

Revenge of the Spidermoose