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When a run builds on a prior run within the last 3 days, it forms (or adds a link to) a run chain. If a chain doesn't add a new link within 3 days it "breaks" and all GMs who participated gain bonus GMP equal to the number of runs in the chain.

The idea here is to incentive GMs talking to and working with each other in order to create/extend chains so they get bonus GMP, and in the process amplifying the impact of those runs by creating a small plot arc.

If there are at least two chains going on at once, the maximum interval increases from 3 to 4 days. If more than two are going on, it may be increased further on a case by case basis (basically, ask the GM Head).

To clarify:

  • A run forms a new link only if the run takes place within 3 days of a run it is related to. In this case, 3 days doesn't strictly mean 72 hours but rather "roughly" 3 days. Reasoning: The purpose is to create a constant stream of runs, not to nail people for minor scheduling mishaps.
  • When a chain breaks, everyone gets N GMP where N is the number of links (ie. runs) in the chain. If you prefer, you can give yourself GMP equal to the current value (not the projected future value) of a non-broken chain and then pay yourself the rest later, as it increases in size. If you do so, you're expected to be extremely careful not to double count or otherwise over pay yourself. Reasoning: We want to push the philosophy of Fleetwood Mac, so it should never be optimal to break the chain.