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Gender Female
Race Elf, IJS
Aura Type Adept
Essence 6
Primary Role Unarmed Adept
Secondary Role Face?
Character Sheet [[1]]
Player User:Carrier_Oriskany
Street Cred 0


A PT adept who's trying to make it on her own from just about anything that wants to take advantage of her.



  • Is wanted by Shiawase
  • Wanting to know more about the world.

Notable Qualities

Qualities that the GM should know about in advance, including but not limited to:

  • Prototype Transhuman
  • I'll have the money next week - In debt 15.
  • You want me? Come and get me - Wanted 50k
  • Of course I'm the best! I don't need to prove drek. - Poor self control Braggart and Thrill seeker and super human psychosis.
  • Plans fail, the best plan is to just wing it. - Force of Chaos


Ryuko was vat born in a Shiawase lab with the intent to turn her, along with the other successors into corporate sleeper assassins. With Ryuko being the first of the experimental batch. She was released with the physical maturity of a 17 year old individual, and her training started. She was quick and she was efficient. For months she was under lab testing, when testing showed that she was positive for being awakened her traning shifting from more physical means to adapting her to her awakened potential.

Everything went smoothly for a time, as she and a few scientists where getting prepared to move out to a location in Seattle to do onsite testing with some very minor jobs. Or that was going to be the case. As they departed, two of the scientists drew hidden guns and shot a few others, effectively taking her hostage. During the drive, she started to ask questions, mostly about the what and why. One of the individuals eventually slipping telling her that they where being payed to take her somewhere else than what was supposed to happen.

They where about a block out, and by this time she had seen places that where not lab walls, and it didn't take her too long to make a break for it. The runners objected of course, however severe wounds and broken bones tend to prevent anyone from going after anything and at least for the time Ryuko was free....And SINless, and broke.

It didn't take long for her to realize that she needed money if she was to get anything, and realized even further that she didn't know anything beyond what she was taught however she was lucky enough to come across a Shadow bank owned by the mob who where all to willing to give her a loan for her to set things up, and figure out what she was going to do from there. She assumed it was in good graces until a month passed, and some individuals with jackets and bats knocked on her door, demanding money, and when she gave them her own words of why did she have to give any money, one of them managed to get a lucky strike on her, smashing their bat into her side. Telling her that if she didn't pay up, she'd get more than just a couple bruises and they left.

For a while she was doing odd jobs to try and pay her debt off. They ranged from dock work, to being bouncer, to even proving how tough she was to some barren dwellers who thought they picked an easy mugging victim. Till one night at a bar in touristville an individual walked up and introduced themselves, saying that Ryuko looked like an individual down on their luck, and that they knew a person who knew people for work if she was interested. He claimed the work allowed her to see the world, do interesting things, and get payed a pretty nuyen for her effort. At that it didn't take to much effort for Ryuko to accept the offer and a few comcalls later, she was given contact information for a Yoshiro Takanaka, and the rest as they say, was history.

Appearance and Style

  • Meat: Ryuko is a 5'11 elf with shoulder length blond hair and lylac eyes. Usually sporting knucks and bracers with a brown armored jacket. Tends to wear aviators, even to the extent of indoors.
  • Astral form: Looks alot like her in the meetspace but a glowing orange light.
  • Astral signature: Only relevant for mages or adepts able to cast spells.
  • Matrix persona: A holographic green version of Ryuko.
  • Styles and symbols known for:


They're a bit on the cocky side, and doesn't show much appreciation to others unless they prove her opinion wrong.


Money and survival, she needs to pay off her debt and live after all, and she's not going back to Shiawase


Takamori Aoba - IJS

R5 Adept, weapons, drivers, and bodyguard.

Awakened: Awakened