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Gender Male
Race Human, Korean
Aura Type Mundane
Essence 4.38
Primary Role Decker
Secondary Role Rigger
Character Sheet [1]
Player User:Trollingstones
Street Cred 0


Korean Decker with a huge love of Sim-Sense






We created a world of infinite creativity and possibility, and you wanna stay here? - S1M loves his Sim.


Things that could be useful for a GM to know to further tailor the run for your character, or would make you entertaining to take on a run. Could be stuff like

  • Constantly creates memes or is sneaking off to game.*

Notable Qualities

Qualities that the GM should know about in advance, including but not limited to:

  • Poor Self Control-Braggart
  • Signature-20th Century Memes
  • Distinctive Style

Korean hacker from Seoul.


Dae-Ho Hyung was born for the matrix. Growing up, he excelled amongst his class in his computer science courses, but was a notorious slacker, finishing his work early to sneak off to play VR games for cash. His parents did their best to try to steer him towards a better work ethic, but all they were successful in was making sure that Dae-Ho got a job out of College. Sony Entertainment seemed to be a perfect fit for him, desigining matrix infrastructure for their games. He was content to spend his days in his cubicle, jacked into his terminal, managing systems. Until his boss dumped her embezzling on him, leaving him with nothing but a Criminal SIN and no work opportunities....legal anyway. Dae-Ho hooked up with one of his old Starcraft buddies who introduced him to life as a Decker and Shadowrunner, and thus S1M was born! After enough work, Dae-Ho was able to burn his criminal SIN and get out of the country to Seattle, where he reached out to Mah Yun, his new fixer.

Appearance and Style

  • Meat: Prefers yellow jackets, has shifting fiberoptic hair, as well as LED tattoos on his face and glowing yellow cybereyes.
  • Astral form: Slightly muddled in color. Like Admiral Yi.
  • Astral signature:
  • Matrix persona: Starcraft Terran Ghost/Protoss Zealot
  • Styles and symbols known for: Matrix memes from the 20th/21st century.


S1M is utterly overjoyed when playing around with drones or in the matrix, talking about nerd stuff, the usual.


S1M runs because the only avenue to him for a normal life was cut off long ago due to someone's greed. Now? Now he's much happier doing as he wishes in the matrix and making much more money then his old job.


Benjamin Huang

Private Investigator's License, Firearms license, Decker License, Restricted Bioware License, Restricted Cyberware License, Cyberdeck License, Private Investigator License


"PRIME/STANDARD/STREET" is not in the list (Prime, Sum to 11, Standard, Scum) of allowed values for the "Chargen type" property.

Awakened: Awakened