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Gender Male
Race Human, Caucasian
Aura Type Mundane
Essence 6
Primary Role Sam
Secondary Role B&E
Character Sheet [Drive]
Player User:Someguy_339
Street Cred 0


Barrens rat turned shadowrunner.


Street Rat : Raised on the streets

Lovable Rogue : Learned from an early age that charm will get you a long way

Never learned to read : Hard to be illiterate in the 6th world, but didn't have someone to teach him

Street Smart : May not be able to read, but knows the streets better than anybody

Crush Blush : Gets a little nervous talking to his boyhood crush, Deckara


  • Orphaned at a young age
  • Raised on the streets
  • Trying to save up enough to buy a small bar
  • Tries to make up for illiteracy by learning as much as he can other ways
  • Touchy about his illiteracy, know to start fights if people bring it up
  • Hangs out a lot at Casey's, a shadowrunner/hacker bar in Auburn
  • Has had a crush on Deckara since childhood

Notable Qualities

  • Barrens Rat
  • Illiterate
  • School of Hard Knocks
  • Uneducated


Nothin' real special about my story chummer. Been on my own since I was about 7. Never knew my mom, lived on the streets with my day until he got tired of me. Mostly stayed around the Auburn/Puyallup area growing up, stealin' and griftin' to get by like most of the other street kids. Wasn't great, but I made it out. Lot more than I can say for most of my friends. Finally saved up enough to get a place here in Auburn. First home I ever had and I'm damn proud. Nothin' special of course, about 600 sq. feet and a garage for my bike, but it's mine and it's all I need. Next on the list is to save up enough for a bar. I don't need one as big as Casey's, my favorite hangout, but I want the same kinda style. A real dive where people who've had it as rough as I have can come in for a drink without having to worry about all the bulldrek out on the streets.

But until then, I'm your basic gun-for-hire. Shoot someone in the face? Sure thing. A little B&E to "liberate" some files? Why not. I'm even a decent con-man if you a face in a pinch. I'm no dummy either. There's been some ugly rumors about how my lack of "proper" education effected me. It's all bulldrek a few fraggers made up outta jealousy. I may not know a lot about all that higher-learning stuff, but no one around here know more about how to survive in the sprawl than I do chummer. So, if you need a runner who can get the job done, look no further.

Saunak's your guy.

Appearance and Style

Medium height and build. Darker features and piercing eyes. Prefers darker colors. Tattoo on his neck. Usually wears his armor jacket and carries his Ruger Super Warhawk in his holster.


A guarded person, he will eventually warm up as he gets to know the person. Naturally suspicious. Can be charismatic when needed on runs and intimidating as needed.


Survival. Its a hard world in Seattle and Saunak has hardened himself to match. He's finally save up enough to buy a small place in a rundown neighborhood in Auburn. It's not much, but he's pretty proud of it. Saunak doesn't mind shadowrunning all that much, the only type of life he's every really known, but he'd someday like to own a bar of his own. Nothing big and fancy mind you, just a hole-in-the-wall where a few folks like him can grab a drink and escape there lives for a few hours.


Name: Saunak

Chargen: Scum

Awakened: No


Deckara - Loyalty: 5

Frankie Foxtrot - Loyalty 3

Tammy - Loyalty 2

Klaus Hebert - Loyalty 3

Arthur the Criminal Supplies Guy - Loyalty 3

Jonathan and Hamish - Loyalty 1

Father Landry] - Loyalty 2

Haruko & Zane - Loyalty 1


DateNameWorked With
12 October 2018Celebrity Endorsement (run)Saunak
30 January 2019Dance, Puppets (Run)Lark
3 February 2019War, Children, Is Just A Shot AwayLeaf
22 March 2019Iron Links (Run)Leaf
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