Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites (Run)

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GM: User:AfroNin Runners:
RVP: 13
Date: 10th June 2018

Runners initially hired by Null to steal data from The Hand's mansion, a mystical secret organization in Havana that commits magical atrocities and practices forbidden magic. The meet never got that far, though, as Dissonant technomancers glitched the host that the meet was in and opened up a resonance rift that sucked in the Johnson. The runners, hoping for a paycheck, dive in right after him, and go on a Resonance Realms wild ride. The dissonants seem to have warped a great deal of the resonance into incoherenet memes, forcing the runners to participate in a Mario Kart-esque racing, then afte they partially sold their soul to the devil solving a case in the 1950s with bad dialogue mechanics, and finally, after locating the corpse of a humanoid hedgehog, intimidating a barkeeper who was a technomancer in disguise into bringing them to the dissonants' leaders. At the Final Destination, in some mutation of a real life - meets Matrix fight, do the runners finally succeed and dispose of the Dissonants. Somehow they managed to data bomb the Johnson, but, inspired by Omega and Havoc, Killjoy gets him out of this terrible situation and together they escape from these mystical realms. The Johnson rewards them for a job well done, delaying the data steal until he figured out what the hell just happened.

Relevance to the run chain: Nytemare Dissonant Technomancers are affiliated with The Hand and go after Johnsons that wish to work against The Hand

Half of my Heart

Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites (Run)