Scientific Progress Goes Boink

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GM: User:Someguy_339 Runners:
RVP: 12
Date: 27 October 2018

Runners meet the Johnson and learn of their mission to destroy data free War Dolphins, Taser Squid and Shock Salmon from an underwater facility off the Seattle Coast. Havoc and Leaf do some recon at a local bar to find out more about the facility while Growth heads underwater to do some in-person looking. Growth finds a large spirit and the other two manage to find a person who seems interested about the questions they're asking. Placing a tracker on their mark, Leaf and Havoc follow her to a building in a shipyard. Growth joins them later and they manage to knock out one of the members of the company and use Leaf as a replacement. With Leaf in disguise, she boards a transport to the facility with Havoc holding onto the submersible to sneak along. Once in the facility, Leaf looks over the subjects they are suppose to liberate while Havoc sulks in the shadows, meeting a deformed-looking merrow and looking for places to plant explosives for the team to make their escape. Things go south however, when Leaf disturbs one of the dolphins that don't want to leave and alarms go off. Growth takes care of the large spirit outside and while Leaf and Havoc battle some corp security and an angry dolphin. Havoc manages to knock the dolphin out by shooing it in the head with stun rounds and they defeat the rest. Growth and Havoc coordinate their explosions to let the animals out of the facility with Leaf using her beast spirit to help guide the animals to their intended destination. The merrow takes care of of of the perusing guards while Leaf rides a dolphin to the surface and Havoc carries the unconscious dolphin to the surface. However, Havoc returns to the facility immediately realizing they did not destroy the data. She blows up the facility and tags the ruins with the TerraFirst! logo. A job well, if not messily, done, the Johnson rewards the team for their work. A feel good ending.

...except for Havoc, who is now known as the "Savior and Shooter of Dolphins" in the shadows and as "The Abusive Girlfriend of the Sea" to the war dolphin community.


Scientific Progress Goes Boink

Completed onOctober 27, 2018 +
GMUser:Someguy 339 +
Had runnerGrowth +, Leaf + and Havoc +
Has nameScientific Progress Goes Boink +
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Scientific Progress Goes Boink +