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Gender Male
Race Human, Japanese-Caucasian
Aura Type Mundane
Essence 2.18
Primary Role Razorboy
Secondary Role Bodyguard
Character Sheet [Google Drive]
Player User:TheZitznarf


Vat grown Razorboy and Bodyguard due to the help from his 'Sponsor,' Callum the Octopus.


Artificial Human - Grew up in a vat.
Younger Than They Look - Grew up quickly in a vat.
Razor Boy - Gotta go fast, and shoot/slice faster.
Catboy - The 'aka' here is important. Okay, maybe not that important.
Protectorate - Is paid to keep Callum the Octopus safe, and the feeling of obligation extends to Warp 9's patrons too. Plus, he's got the idea that killing fellow Shadowrunners is bad karma.
The Anti-Nihilist - Believes in doing good whenever possible.
1 Rank in Idealism - Is under the illusion the good he does has an effect on the world.
Action Fashionista - "Look good, feel good, do good" is his motto.
Beware the Quiet Ones - Prefers to stay quiet while on runs, keep to himself until business has concluded and he's somewhere safe. But beware if you yank his chain too hard while on a run.
Cool Bike subtrope Monowheel Mayhem - Turning heads on his Horizon-Doble Revolution.
Implausible Boarding Skills - Smart tire on his monobike, smart wheels on his skateboard, plus some software that redlines trick spots for him in AR. Radical, dude.


Cloned using stolen research and equipment from Universal Omnitech. While it's not likely they're aware of Sixgear's existence, they are certainly aware of his father's escape from Japan and may still intend harm to come by him.

His Father is getting older, and he's not had his Son in his life for very long. Getting DNI messages or commlink calls from Dad in the middle of a run might happen on occasion, which could definitely spell trouble.

Used to run with a small-time go-gang called the Rogue Elements. They got ran outta their turf and disbanded, but weren't killed off. Maybe they're still out there?

A dedicated bodyguard to his Fixer and close personal friend, Callum the Octopus. While not on the job, they can usually be found together at the club Warp 9, in Touristville, Redmond.

He has trouble separating fantasy from reality sometimes. All the action trids he was raised on and continues to watch still occasionally convince him to try stupid drek.

Catboys and catgirls aren't too uncommmon, in terms of metaposeurs, but uncommon enough for there to be some sort of bond. What would happen if he met another of 'his kind' on a run?

Notable Qualities

Dependent (Inconvenience, his Father), Allergy (Common/Mild) Mold, Code of Honor (Honor Among Runners), Distinctive Style, Prototype Transhuman


Sixgear was created by his eccentric, paranoid genius of a father, Dr. Katsu Futara, in a hidden laboratory underneath his backyard shed. Formerly a Universal Omnitech Geneticist working in their cloning laboratories in Japan, he was 'fired' in 2064 for performing research outside the knowledge of the company using their own resources, and quickly relocated himself to Seattle to continue with his obsession outside the eyes of the law and the corps. While living in the suburb of Newcastle, Dr. Futara quickly aquired connections in the Shadows through providing discrete emergency medical care and Bioware services. While initially his research continued as it was before, with the goal of discovering ways to counteract the loss of 'Essence' when applying bioware and cyberware, his newfound surroundings caused him to reconsider his motivations. By this point, he had already begun to grow Katsuro in his backyard, and as the boy began to grow up in the vat before his very eyes, he started to consider him more as his Son than his Research Project. By 2066, Katsuro was the biological age of 8, and Dr. Futara had enough of waiting, and Katsuro was prematurely pulled from his vat. After all, he didn't want to miss out on actually raising his Son entirely. There were complications involved in that which quickly presented themselves. Katsuro was slow to develop mentally and went through puberty something fierce, and had to be kept hidden away in his cellar for the first four years of his life. His only experience of the outside world were cartoons, action trids, music, and other entertainment his Dad could keep his attention with while he stepped outside the bolthole. Only once he began to present himself as a passable human teenager he was brought up into the sunlight. Biologically, he was 14 years old. Thin, pale, and very weird, he had extreme difficulty finding friends, and never could grasp basic social skills. So, instead, he spent his time picking on younger kids and playing the bully with his natural talent, much to his father's disapproval and harsh punishments. Regardless, once he began to finally mature, even just a little, he and his father formed a strong bond and they continue to consider themselves family to this day. In 2072 he asked for wired reflexes for his Vat Opening Day. He never got them. Still craving that speed, he took up skateboarding instead and did some 'odd jobs' (his father didn't bother asking) and saved up to get himself a beat up old motorcycle. Learning new skills was difficult for him, but he persisted, and used everything he knew in order to scrape together more nuyen. By 2074 he had joined up with a small-time go-gang, the Rogue Elements, who raced regularly against the Leather Devils east of Lakemount Blvd. which ran underneath the I-90. In 2076 the gang was dismantled by the Leather Devils, but now that he was somewhat capable in a real fight, he began looking for other work. Late 2077 he was introduced to Callum the Octopus at Warp 9 in Touristville, and that's when his genuine Shadowrunning career began. Acting as his 'sponsor' and fixer, Callum not only helped him get work, but he paid for his first fake SIN, his biomodification surgery (encouraged by Dad!) and wired reflexes (not so much.) With that, Sixgear was born into the Shadows. He is now 22 years old biologically and mentally, seems to be growing into his own personality, and is eager to find his own place in the world.

Appearance and Style

  • Meat: Sixgear stands at 5'8” and weighs an ultralite 125 pounds, with smoky lavender colored hair reaching their upper back. Not satisfied with the body of a mere human, he's replaced his ears with a set of cybernetically enhanced cat ears, and given himself a prehensile tail, both with light grey fur. Next came a set of all-white, obviously mechanical cybereyes, a glowing amber lens-shaped pupil in the center of each. Not only that, but he often wears his built in set of neo-chrome mirrored shades which deploy from his temples.
  • Matrix Persona: Catboy, similar appearance to himself, but not recognizable as him. Maybe a bit cuter, wearing uh... somewhat girlier things.
  • Styles and symbols known for: His unique weapons, yerzed out motorcycle, AR projected clothing, and cat ears are all distinctive in their own way, but especially together. Obviously a fan of white, glossy materials and the color amber.


Sixgear tries their best to be quiet and restrained in their personality and actions, often putting on a poker face and keeping his mouth shut in social situations, playing the part of stonefaced bodyguard. However, he's really just a kid who's skipped his childhood, and can come across as naive, silly, sometimes outright stupid.


Sixgear just wants to survive in the strange world he's been brought into, and to hopefully find himself a place where he feels like he belongs. On top of that, he wants to keep his Dad safe and raise money to be able to support him in his older age. While Touristville is home for now, and being a bodyguard and runner pays well, he almost wishes he could find some way to settle down.



His birthname is Katsuro Futara, but does not have a legal SIN tied to it.

Darcy Ponce

Fake SIN (Darcy Ponce) [Rating 4]
Default SIN for working at Warp 9 and purchasing lifestyle and low-risk items and services. UCAS registered.
Fake License (Firearms License) [Rating 4]
Fake License (Driver's License) [Rating 4]
Fake License (Concealed Carry Permit) [Rating 4]
Fake License (Bodyguard License) [Rating 4]
Fake License (Restricted Cyberware License) [Rating 4]
Fake License (Restricted Bioware License) [Rating 4]
Fake License (Restricted Armor License) [Rating 4]

Hayate Roboro

Fake SIN (Hayate Roboro) [Rating 3]
Second SIN for instances where being burned is a possibility. Occupation listed as Forklift Operator. UCAS registered.
Fake License (Driver's License) [Rating 3]
Fake License (Firearms License) [Rating 3]
Fake License (Concealed Carry Permit) [Rating 3]

Automatic Stuff


Allies: None

Enemies: None


Contact toLoyalty
Just Henry1
Arthur the Criminal Supplies Guy1
Callum the Octopus3

Notable Techniques


Notable Possessions





DateNameWorked With
17 March 2018A Man's Soul and FaithSixgear
Snow White
Spark ;)
19 March 2018It's Just a Game 2.1Lockdown
24 March 2018The Storm That Shakes MeAshurbanipal
Snow White

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