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A new Skids.png
Gender Male
Race Troll, Italian
Aura Type Adept
Essence 6
Primary Role Combat
Secondary Role Muscles
Character Sheet Google Drive
Player User:SirBercelak
Street Cred 0


A dodgey troll with big arms who is skilled with Big Arms (but doesn't have any yet) and uses his big arms to wield a sword.


The Big Guy

Dumb Muscles

Master Swordsman

The Mafia


  • Former Italian mobster hitman and bodyguard
  • Wants to perfect his swordsmanship

Notable Qualities

  • It seemed like the only option at the time - Tough and Targeted, Records on File (Italian Mafia Family)
  • The Path of the Sword - Mentor Spirit: Stag, Code of Honor: Avenging Angel, Prejudiced (Specific): Killers without honor


Salvatore was born into an old country mafia family in Rome, Italy, and from a young age did odd jobs for them, until he Awakened. With his now apparent magical ability, the family used him as a bodyguard and hitman. He never made a very good solo bodyguard, but worked in a team very well. He gained a reputation for efficiency and honor, two concepts which he strove to make compatible.

After becoming aware of a family member abusing their position, he went out on an unauthorized hit and killed him. This, of course, left him with no other option than to get out of dodge and find some other means of employment. With his cousin, going under the street name "Check", working in Seattle, Skids figured he would try his luck there.

Appearance and Style

  • Meat: Around 8'5", he is an intimidating sight. With horns pointing backwards, and combed back hair, he looks a little less brutish than most trolls, but his obvious and defined musculature outweighs this. He keeps himself neatly dressed and well kept.
  • Astral form: Like his physical self
  • Matrix persona: Default user profile image


He is laid back, but becomes intense and focused when it comes to swordsmanship and the job.


  • Keeping his head low in Seattle
  • Perfect his swordsmanship
  • Find a team who he can respect

Edmund Wethers

Bodyguard in the UCAS. Recently moved from Italy.

Name: Skids

Chargen: Standard

Awakened: Awakened

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