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Gender Female
Race Ork (oni)
Aura Type Mystic Adept
Essence 6
Primary Role Alchemst archer
Secondary Role Face
Character Sheet [Character Sheet]
Player User:Carrier Oriskany
Street Cred 0


Oni archer adept, based off of reading the yokai instead of the metvaraient


  • Works for the Yakuza
  • Is bad at english

Notable Qualities

  • Spectral Warden
  • CoH (Omerta)


Born as an Orphin in Tokyo Nagashima had a rough childhood. That's not to say she had a horrible childhood, she wasn't threatened by people, she wasn't abused, but herself much like many of the other kids there where neglected and never given any form of study or the like incase they had to leave on thier own. At age twelve that's more or less what happened, the orphanage kicked her out onto the streets with no way to survive. Having to resort to violence and petty crime to have dinner to eat.

That soon turned south though when she turned 18 as she ended up trying to mug a Shategashira of the Shigeda-gumi, and being either too stupid or too brave to know the danger, she was stabbed. Not lethally but more so as a message to be sent to her, though they atleast respected her enough though the stunt to bring her in as a Kumi-in (technicly o-nee-san as she was a woman.) and after getting treatment from one of thier Komon in Tokyo,she was given a flight to Seattle to begin her new work, following under one of the Wakagashira-hosa, Uda Raidon nicknamed eight fingered dragon, as she is to work in the shadows to help the influence of the family.

Appearance and Style

  • Physical: Slambo is rather tall for an Oni, standing at around 8 foot due to her longer than normal limbs. Tending to wear low cut clothes and speaking in broken english with a thick japaneese accent.
  • Astral form: n/a
  • Matrix persona: Basic comlink persona


A bit agressive, cocky and otherwise a jackass yet she's willing to protect those she considers close.


To help her family out, and to not loose fingers in the process.

Automatic Stuff


Allies: None

Enemies: None


Notable Techniques


Notable Possessions







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Name: Slambo

Chargen: Prime


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