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Gender Female
Race Human, UCAS
Aura Type Mundane
Essence 2.06
Primary Role Street Sam
Secondary Role Infiltrator/Wheelman
Character Sheet Character Sheet
Player User:Clappin_Hams
Street Cred 0

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A ganger hoping to put her various skills to good use in getting rich, making friends along the way and getting the frag out of Seattle.


Repeated behaviors or identifiable visual tics. Could be in either of the following formats, or something else.

Beware the Nice Ones

Man, does it ever feel good to be a gangster

Time to go in all sneeki beeki like.

Time to show em how a real wheelman does it.

Good old fisticuffs


Things that could be useful for a GM to know to further tailor the run for your character, or would make you entertaining to take on a run. Could be stuff like

  • Is a member of the Cutters Seattle branch, enemies of the Tigers.
  • Surprisingly knowledgeable smuggler, despite her age.
  • Has a surprising interest in music, particularly stuff from the last world.

Notable Qualities

Qualities that the GM should know about in advance, including but not limited to:

  • Moderate phobia of spiders
  • Poor self control (thrill seeker)
  • Poor self control (Braggart)


The girl colloquially known as Slink was born and raised in the Barrens. The daughter of a sinless nurse in a black clinic and an immigrant from Germany. Growing up in the barren's around touristville taught her a lot about life on the streets. About who to buddy up to and who to avoid, the dangerous people and the ones that'll get your back through the thick of things. She ran with the dregs of society, learned how to pinch, pilfer and pick through pockets from some of, in her opinion, the best knucklers, abstractionists and dummy-hunters this side of the UCAS. How she sort of ran afoul of a cutter lieutenant, really. Which, you'd think that'd be the end of the story. Catch a bullet and bleed out in some seedy back alley, but, you'd also be dead wrong. The man took a liking to her and her moxie, saw potential that would have honestly been wasted elsewhere. Or, get her fragged by a less understanding, less level-headed person. He cut her a deal: work for the cutters, put those talents to something productive and worthwhile. It wasn't really altruism that saved her, more the keen eye of business and profit. And maybe a couple bruises. Because she fought back a lot harder than the large ork initially anticipated, a feat she chocked up to her father. The old man was a grouchy tight-lipped... jackass, but, he showed his own way of caring for her by teaching her how to fight and survive, a lot better than most that roamed the streets.

Understandably, she took the offer. Better that, than being a dumbass and looking a gift horse in the mouth. She had been working for them as, initially, a low level street courier for a year, maybe a year and a half, running packages from redmond to down and back, sometimes even guiding larger, more organized groups past the checkpoints. Eventually it got to bigger deliveries; more, direct jobs. Meet-ups in old smuggler tunnels, driving people through checkpoints. Sometimes even putting her fast fingers to good use, in gathering something very important from someone elses pockets. Now what that last type of job entailed, she didn't care to ask about. That was a one off where she was more or less middle man.

Which led to her being recommended to a local slum lord. Like, Barrens rich, if you can call it rich that is. Had a package he wanted transported to him, so she took the job. It was an easy bit of side cash, no affilitations; just her on good word. The ease of it was a bit, odd, but the pay was fair enough that she didn't bother asking to many questions. At least, until half way to the meet up. When the crate in the bed of her truck, just so happened to start wobbling noticeably. Curiosity got the better of her, and she pulled off to the side somewhere to check it out. So, she checked it out. What she found when she cracked open the crate was a body. Not dead, absolutely awake and asking for help. Pleading, really. Damn conscience. But for once, money be damned. Change of heart, so she got her out of the crate, tried to pay her and....tempting as it was, she waved it off.

But they had a bit of Barren's justice to dispense. That's where the truck came into play. And those old abandoned lots, well, they were usually pretty spacious. So you can imagine the look on his face, when three and a quarter tons of truck come plowing through him and a few of his goons. Like a shotgun blast into a paper target. Barely gave them time to get their wits about, before she cleaned them up on the next go and just to make sure the deed was done, proper double tap with a 12 gauge. Then immolation, via Molotov cocktail in a dumpster.

Now she had some, and she gave her a double take, wared out oni on her hands. And barely any idea on what to do with her, before getting the bright idea of bringing her to the boss. All things considered, she could have done worse. Like, handing her over to an organ leggin drekstain as intended. And there was no way Slink wanted that on her conscience. Her boss spent a few minutes, chatting and conversing with the girl then a few of the others present, before coming to an agreement and accepting her into the gang's ranks. At the bottom, just like how slink started.

The remaining years were a slight blur, more of the same courier work, guiding small groups of smugglers and people in and out of the Barrens. Until she got a job to run some kit past the redmond checkpoint for a group of runners. The checkpoints were on the look out for something or someone, so she stuck to the back paths, the little nooks n crannies that you can squeeze past the checkpoint with. Her first introduction to the shadows and she was crawling through sewers to bring them their party-time bags. At least it was a welcome change of pace from smuggling some rich kid their drugs. And someone was impressed enough with her skill set and getting everything there on time that they gave her a more proper way into the shadows.

Appearance and Style

  • Meat: Hardly an imposing figure, the woman know as Slink is about a hair taller than five foot four. With an elegantly athletic build of sylphlike proportions, a short-ish torso with an ample bust, gracious curves and decently leggy. It's hard to picture her as anything but a dancer, let alone a gang affiliated free trader. Her choice of clothing does a lot to hide this. With baggy hoodies, loose fitting jeans or cargo's, tanktops and boots of all types. It's clear that Slink prefers outfits that scream rough housing tomboy, over pretty princess.
  • Astral form:
  • Astral signature:
  • Matrix persona: A figure wearing a jacket sporting a blazing tire with a pair of razor blades, like some kind of stylized skull and crossbones. And a dark, mustard yellow mask sporting an ear to ear grin of golden teeth

Styles and symbols known for: None yet.


Friendly, polite, very enthusiastic about things she's fond of. Maybe a touch cocky about her skills behind the wheel. Loves to brag about it, in fact.


Get rich

Become one of the best smugglers around

Obtain massive collection of vehicles. Like one of every type to ever exist, massive.

Collect a very large, very extensive collection of music from the fifth world.

Retire to someplace sunny.


If your character picks up any nicknames or titles in play, they can go here. Optional, though.

Fake SINs go here, listing licenses

Eliza Greene

Restricted armor license, Driver's license, concealed carry permit, Firearm's license, Restricted Cyberware license, Restricted Bioware license

Automatic Stuff



Name: Sally Location: Seattle Relationship: Smuggler Connection: 3 Loyalty: 3 Metatype: Ork (Hobgoblin) Sex: Female Age: Middle-Aged Type of connection: Networking Personal Life: Unknown Preferred Payment: Hobbies/Vice: Cars

Enemies: none


  • Name': Real McCoy[1] Location: Redmond Relationship: Fixer

Connection: 5 Loyalty: 3 Metatype: Human Sex: Male Age: Young Type of connection: Networking

  • Name: Alan Thatcher Location: Seattle Relationship: Industrial agricultural goods

Connection: 3 Loyalty: 2 Metatype: Human Sex: Male Type of connection: Gear

  • Name: Cynthia Fennet[2] Location: Seattle Relationship: Attorney

Connection: 5 Loyalty: 6 Metatype: Elf Sex: Female 'Type of connection: Service - Negotation

  • Name: Hopscotch [3] Location: Seattle Relationship: Made Man

Connection: 4 Loyalty: 4 Metatype: Human Sex: Male 'Type of connection: Networking/Retail Illegal Gear

  • Name: Jessup[4] Location: Seattle Relationship: Armorer

Connection: 6 Loyalty: 4 Metatype: Human Sex: Male 'Type of connection: Gear - Armor and Clothing

  • Name: Biter [5] Location: Redmond Relationship: Gun Runner & Body Disposal

Connection: 4 Loyalty: 2 Metatype: Ghoul Sex: Male 'Type of connection: Gun Runner & Body Disposal

Notable Techniques


Notable Possessions

  • GM Bulldog
  • Suzuki Mirage
  • 2x MCT-Nissan Roto-Drone
  • MCT Fly-Spy
  • Cyberspace Designs Dalmation


  • Jessica Beaumont (4), UCAS


DateNameWorked With
12 December 2019Gangers' IncorporatedMarlee
30 December 2019A Wagon of CoalSlink
Rin Chiyome
10 March 2020Paging Doctor DamselMarlee
15 March 2020Robber Baron Simulator 20XXBebop
10 April 2020National Hooding Day 2082: Measuring Success By The Size Of The ExplosionSlink


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Name: Samantha Lostetter

Chargen: Standard

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