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GM: User:Dusk Runners:
RVP: 18
Date: 7 January 2019


The Augmented Wrestling Entertainment (A.W.E) "Its AWEsome!", is the future of pro-wrestling, brought to you by Horizon. Its pro-wrestling with all the drama but none of the scripted matches. The fights are real and so are the injuries. Fighters don special armor to reduce damage significantly, so instead of a quick and dirty fight, people get a long, entertaining match with fan favorite moves like Sweet chin music, Power bomb, Choke slam and the Boston crab. The occasional cage matches and chair fights are also part of the deal. Fighters are permitted to be augmented with ware or adept powers. Despite looking like a crazy brawling tournament. The league has some rules:

1. F rated gear and ware are banned.

2. Drugs are banned, including those from drug glands.

3. Bone lacing, bone density and any ware or power that permanently turns unarmed damage from stun to physical are banned.

4. Cyberlimbs are allowed only if the fighter wears special gloves that turn unarmed damage from physical to stun. Taking off the gloves during the match is an instant disqualification.

5. No cyber weapons or bioware weapons except striking calluses are allowed.

6. Banned adept powers: Nerve strike, Kiai and Adept spell. Switching killing hands from stun to physical will lead to an instant disqualification if bleeding is observed.

7. Only weapons allowed during a chair match are chairs.

With the new championship league of A.W.E in full swing the long reigning champion, Macho Monster has yet again made to the finals, utterly dominating through the tiers. Macho, a heavily augmented ork has access to the best of betaware bioware, best trainers, best everything and a drek ton of sponsorship. Not to mention his winnings from the matches themselves. Despite this he is reviled as a villain and he is. The Monster is a mean machine both in and out of ring, known for his greed, pride, insolence and controversial statements. Despite being an ork, he is not popular with the ork underground, due to his complete lack of outreach and constant claiming that he's the best that ever was "the cream of the crop". There is no doubt that Macho was indeed not lying and he was the best till date, dominating people during matches with his signature counters, charges and disabling called shots. But there was a new tiger in the ring. The up and coming challenger El Superbeasto had made it to the finals. The troll adept and a disciple of the bear has been winning matches with his own signature of clinches, subduals, throws, counters and drop attacks. But more importantly Superbeasto has been winning over the people's hearts with his charity and outreach, for orphans and the homeless, especially in the ork underground. Rightly named "the people's champion" Superbeasto hails from Aztlan, a traditional masked luchador and is being predicted to be the next champion and as talented if not more than Macho Monster. This has Macho all peeved up, shaking his confidence that he may not be able to beat Superbeasto the old fashioned way of pounding him to the floor of the ring. With the finals scheduled to happen in less than a week at Smackdown™, he resorted to some real dirty work, hiring runners make things easy for him


The meet took place in a Yakuza club, Club Zen in downtown. The runners were asked to come down to the secret basement bunraku parlor. The meeting itself took place in a smoke and incense filled, sleazy massage room where Macho was receiving a massage from a Bunraku doll, while his manager assisted him in the negotiations with the runners. The runners were offered a large amount of nuyen to shame El Superbeasto in public in a supposed bar brawl or something similarly sudden in nature, beating him in a fair fight fight and unmasking him (which is a matter of great shame for luchadors). Alternatively they can dig up some incriminating evidence about him, considering there have been rumors of him being SINless once upon a time. Any nature of public shaming will ruin his goodwill, crush his confidence and scatter his fans. As a result he'll either lose the right to challenge the champion or he'll be so disheartened that it'll be an easy win. Under no circumstances were the runners allowed to kill or maim Superbeasto and the brawl must not look like a targeted assault as it will raise a massive drekstorm.


The runners found out that Superbeasto was in fact a charitable guy. After confirming this by looking into his donation records they decided to double cross the J and help out Superbeasto. Initially they tried to be subtle by disguising as an abusive boyfriend and an abused girlfriend at an autograph event of Superbeasto. Thus goading him to come save the abused woman in need and fight the boyfriend. But instead of defeating and shaming Superbeasto as the J wanted, they let him win and gain even more popularity while acting as if the runners failed genuinely. Macho did not buy this and hired other runners to do the job. But out heroes intercepted those runners before they could pull dirt on Superbeasto. With precious time lost and the match at had. Macho had no option but to face Superbeasto in the ring.


Smackdown™ had a fair match between Macho Monster and El Superbeasto. Sure, Macho had all the money, pricey gym training and expensive ware but it was nothing compared to the people's love, hard work and righteousness. During the electrifying final match, El Superbeasto, pinned Macho for the 3 count and was declared the new A.W.E Universal Champion. Money, fame and corporate sponsorship soon followed, with offers of a Horizon Ltd Corp SIN. Superbeasto continued his charity and as promised, donated his earnings from the match to the ork underground SINless. Superbeasto never learned of our runner heroes that aided him from the shadows but they say a good deed is its own reward and thus our heroes too were rewarded by the lady of fate with good karma.