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Gender Male
Race Elf, Chinese
Aura Type Technomancer
Essence 5.0
Primary Role Matrix
Secondary Role None
Character Sheet [One Drive]
Player User:Lord_Smogg
Street Cred {{{10}}}

Character Sheet: Smogg.pdf


Smogg is a technomancer with low resonance. He tends to use classic Matrix Actions and manage mostly without sprites. He can handle his Remington Suppressor and has good charisma to wing it in social rolls. Smogg was born and raised into Wuxing Inc. He is passionate about their cause, and he truly believe they are pushing the world in the right direction. He would never betray Wuxing Inc.


  • Smogg is still learning the resonance.
  • He has a dream link. He often review his dreams.
  • Lìxúe, his lost love interest from before shadowrunning.
  • His childhood friend Song Lee is from the Red Dragon Triad.
  • His fixer Xiao Xiaoyu has all kind of contacts into the Chinese community in Seattle.
  • Mei Chaofeng is Smogg's main sponsor and contact into Wuxing Inc. There is very little he would not do at her request.

Notable Qualities

  • We’re behind everything you do.
    • SINner: Wuxing Inc.
    • Technical School Education
    • Trust Fund

Wuxing Spy

Smogg often provides his sponsor Mei Chaofeng with data around his shadowrun activities. This section covers how the data is collected, and how it is used. Smogg has bought off the qualities day job and electronic witness, so he is mechanically free to choose not to record or to set a price on his data.

Data Collection

Though data collection in this scale is controversial, Smogg is not without his own sense of honor. He is committed to his team and his clients. Thus he will not identify Johnson's or Runners beyond their street handle.

  • Is active unless specified
  • Consist of data from cyberware and sensors.
  • Smogg apply filtering software to blur faces of:
  • Data is by default delivered after the run, but can be set to intervals or streaming.
    • Hook: Mei Chaofeng may request this for missions of particular interest.

Data Usage

Most data goes directly to Mei Chaofeng who hold a high position within Wuxing Seattle. She uses this data to further her own career and Wuxing Inc. in general. She view the Shadow Community as a game she needs to be involved in if she wants to end up on top. She will generally handle data according to these guidelines:

  • Rival Mega Corporation data is of primary interest
    • Used for corporate intelligence
    • Used in relation to the Megacorp Audit
  • Other Corp data and Organized Crime data is secondary interest
    • Used for investments and hedge funding
    • Used to understand Organized Crime trends
  • Shadow community data is of tertiary interest.
    • Used to identify qualified resources
  • Mei Chaofeng has no interest in incriminating herself or her agent. She will handle the data with that in mind.


Shen Ming was born in Hong Kong. His family has served Wuxing for generations and is well respected. Shen Ming was taught business skills, but it soon became clear that he had a talent for the Matrix, and he took a track towards Matrix Security. Fully trained he transferred to Seattle of the position as Security Spider. He had a promising life and fell in love with Lìxúe. During his professional life, he prevented a group of hackers on a Wuxing Host from sinking a Wuxing Mega Cargo Carrier. However not without getting bricked and he spend several months in hospital with severe trauma, and the migranes would not seem to fade Slowly he came to realize that his condition was caused by his mind opening to the resonance, and when he finally began to embrace it, the pain disappeared. Unfortunately Technomancy within a Megacorporation is problematic and he soon realized that without a license and the blessing of Wuxing, his days as a brilliant and well paid corp spider were numbered.

Mei Chaofeng, a resourceful executive in the Seattle branch would not let an opportunity slip by easily. She has promised Shen Ming to set him up with a proper license and to let him return to his position. However, first she would need some important work done. Specifically she needs financial data on all rival Megacorporations in relation to the Megacorp Audit. Ms. Chaofeng has set up Shen with records of memory loss and a "recovery" arrangement. She further put him in contact with Xiao, a solid fixer. His biggest regret is leaving Lìxúe when he turned to shadowrunning. With a proper runner team and training he will under his new handle "Smogg" eventually penetrate target corporations and retrieve essential data. With his dream link, he is trying to get a better understanding of his own mind and the Resonance. Meanwhile his cyber-eyes and -ears feeds data back to his Wuxing contact.

Appearance and Style

  • Meat: Smogg is a Chinese Elf. He wears a black Trenchcoat, Synth Leather Boots and Johnny Hardcore Goggles conceal his eyes.
  • Matrix persona: He uses the handle "5M066" and is often using a Wuxia Ice Prince Persona.
  • Cover Identity: A private eye working on cases that KE does not want to take.


  • Pretty Chill


  • Helping his team
  • Loyalty to Wuxing Inc.
  • Curiosity about the Resonance


Great Deeds




Important People and Things Murdered


Automatic Stuff


Allies: None

Enemies: None


Contact toLoyalty
Mei Chaofeng4
Xiao Xiaoyu4
Dr. Jessica Zhao2
Song Lee4
Yue Yanmei1
Zhi Ren2
Cynthia Fennet4

Notable Techniques


Notable Possessions

Johnny Hardcore Goggles


NameSIN RatingSIN TypeIssued by
Shen MingRealCorporate FullWuxing Inc.
Cafax Dexter Ling5NationalUCAS


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4 November 2018Not So Real Estate (Run)Check
17 November 2018WTF Norway (run)Ice Hawk


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