Someone's Watching Me

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GM: User:AfroNin Runners:
RVP: 7
Date: 03 November 2017

Seeker went about a regular day in his busy life of running multiple businesses, dealing with terrible roommates, and studying magic in order to find his mysterious sword. As sleep overcame him, he drifted off into a dream of distant worlds and a cry for help from Swordy, a (now free) spirit that once greatly aided him and ran off with said sword.

After showing his graduation certificate to the The Dweller on the Threshold, he came to a city overtaken by the darkness of a dragon and lost hope. He spoke with many people to learn of the various local heroes and their troubles, then finally took it upon himself to find help Swordy. Surrounded by an impossible number of opponents, Seeker had no way to save him but to brave a nearby cave that the locals claimed held an ancient blade which not even the local king was worthy enough to draw.

He hurried into the cave as some of the fell beasts previously busy threatening Swordy turned and chased after him. As he entered the heart of the cave, a mysterious presence spoke to him, questioning and testing him. In the end Seeker found himself agreeing with the presence and taking the vague promise of power it offered. He then left the cave, now with the blade in hand, and rushed to save Swordy.

Before he had left the city, Seeker stole a gun of some descript, but seeing the beasts for a second time a realization took over him and he threw the gun on the ground. Now he understood. The beasts weren't afraid of the gun, and so he'd be forced to use it. But swords need no demonstrations.

The beasts fled and his friend was safe. As his time here was limited, Seeker quickly went about saving the rest of the local heroes, ultimately being forced to fight the local king. The king was a proficient warrior and Seeker was anything but, yet Seeker felt assured. A joust was the chosen format of battle, and so right as the first bout started Seeker dismounted and drew his blade. The king fought to defend his honor and authority. Seeker fought for murder.

The unworthy king was slain, which freed the Queen to save and be with the Jester, which allowed the repair of the tin woman and return to sanity of the green professor. The local heroes had been saved and now could be relied upon to defeat the dragon and save their world.

Seeker woke from his bed. The dream was interesting though the idea of consequences from the deal made in the cave certainly made it chilling, so Seeker felt comfort that such tales were only the thing of fantasy. As he sat up, he noticed his sword lay in his hands...

Someone's Watching Me