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Gender Female
Race Human, American
Aura Type Magician
Essence 0.08
Primary Role B&E Solo
Secondary Role Decker, Magician
Character Sheet [Google Drive]
Player User:Fweeba
Street Cred 13


Street rat turned street solo turned street hacker turned street mechanic turned street magician.

B&E solo with a number of secondary abilities, such as the electronics group, some degree of hacking ability, and demolitions.

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  • Wanted by NeoNET, as one of the successes of their 'Newman' project, extracted by a team of shadowrunners as a child over a decade ago.
  • Owns a Downtown club called the Hotspot.
  • A follower of the Mentor Spirit 'Inventor', and generates a mentor's mask when using magic.
  • Has the symbol of Inventor on her aura, visible with 5 hits on assensing.

Notable Qualities

  • Owner of Seattle's hottest new club: Fame (Global), Made Man (The Hotspot Crew), Creature of Comfort (High), Good Looking & Knows It
  • NeoNET's Success Story: Prototype Transhuman & Wanted (NeoNET)
  • Crimesenses & Street Science: Common Sense, School of Hard Knocks, Analytical Mind, Juryrigger, 'Improvised Engineering' knowledge skill R12
  • Graduate of the Barrens school of tactics: Force of Chaos, Barrens Rat, Addiction (Cram)
  • A manageable amount of debt: In Debt R2 (15000nY)
  • Striveshoter: Strive for Perfection & Sharpshooter
  • A Spark of Magic: Magician, Reduced Sense (Astral Sight), Exceptional Attribute (Magic), Mentor's Mask, Chosen Follower (Inventor), Healer
  • Black Market Pipeline (Augmentations): Applied to Dr. Spicy Steve, this quality was acquired after a not quite remembered drug fuelled night out on the town with Dr. Spicy Steve, and a group of Cutters Tech smugglers, after which, they were all much closer friends, for reasons none of them are entirely sure of.

Gender Female
Race Human, American
Aura Type Magician
Essence 0.08
Primary Role B&E Solo
Secondary Role Decker, Magician
Character Sheet [Google Drive]
Player User:Fweeba
Street Cred 11
Spark in combat gear


A product of the 'Newman' project, orchestrated by Dr. Spencer of 'Emerging Futures', itself a subsidiary of NeoNET specialising in biotech. Violently extracted from corporate care at the age of three by a team of shadowrunners who didn't expect their objective to be a child.

She ended up in the care of an orphanage in Redmond rather than in the custody of another corp, maybe as an act of rebellion by one of the runners against a lying employer, maybe one of them felt sorry for this little child due for a life of corporate servitude.

Whatever the reasons, she was raised on stories of her Shadowrunner 'parents' who ended up either captured or killed by the corps. And, as it turns out, she very much took after her 'parents', even if she never knew them at all.

Appearance and Style

  • Physical: 5'9 lightly built woman with obvious cybernetics up the back of her head, and medium length fiberoptic hair, normally set to black. Both arms & both legs are replaced with bionics. 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 (Original) , 4 (Colour) , 5
  • Astral form: An indistinct female form, burning & pulsing with rainbow fire, like it's about to explode. The left arm of her aura has been very subtly marked, like it's been carefully taken apart, and reconstructed.
  • Astral signature: A small smoldering rift in the astral.
  • Matrix persona: A black silhouette that leaves silvery streaks in the air wherever it walks.
  • Styles and symbols known for: Her mentors mask warps space around her into strange supernatural angles, generates jumping electrical arcs, and makes the air taste metallic, when she draws magic.


  • Confident, and maybe a bit unprofessional. Not a quiet person by any means, when she's not being sneaky.


  • Make more & more money to afford cool gadgets, nice food, drugs, 'n stuff.

Accomplishments (Not in chronological order)

  • Countermugged somebody who broke into her home. Stole his commlink, lockpicking tools, and shirt.
  • Successfully paid off a debt?
  • Fought a politicians security force to deliver a blackmail datachip. Turns out they aren't very nice to couriers.
  • Rollerskated through suppressive fire.
  • Performed interdimensional science in a metaplane.
  • Turned a crowbar into a non-euclidean bomb and used it to escape from a universe.
  • Helped solve a murder mystery during a fake murder mystery party on a boat. Yes it was as confusing as it sounds.
  • Played wireless grenade tennis like twelve times with a pair of seven-7 gas grenades, switching them wireless off whenever they switched on to prevent detonation.
  • Managed to remove a sofa from her home with minimal effort.
  • Shot a guy. With a gun.
  • Hopped from a speedboat to a patrol boat, with a rifle, in illegal waters, then hijacked said boat and mugged the guards.
  • Blew up a shedload of spirits with a very large bomb.
  • Juryrigged an umbrella & some cheap materials from a hardware shop into a custom made tool to fool a specialised sensor.
  • Murdered her way up a corridor of hostile shadow operatives, with spurs.
  • Saved a nice old granny janitor from being beaten to death by aforementioned shadow operatives.
  • Doxxed a Humanis network.
  • Went big or went home on some Humanis guys currently occupied van, getting three marks in one pass before instructing it to drive directly to KE headquarters.
  • Backtalked Hestaby & lived.
  • Backtalked a Horror & lived.
  • Got punched by a Horror & lived.
  • Held Lofwyr's hand in person & lived.
  • Successfully taught Wan to use a gun.
  • Successfully hacked a rating three host & lived.
  • Got 17 successes on a McGuyvered juryrigged device to allow a technomancer to hack an unhackable system.
  • Helped kill a force 13 Scorpion Spirit of Rage with an Ares Alpha.
  • Successfully used an elevator.
  • Blew up some blood mages with a carefully placed bomb.
  • Designed a monstrously large sound system to disrupt zombified people controlled by audio commands.
  • Took down a pair of KE snipers by surprise punches.
  • Used physical barriers as stepping stones to jump from a tower into a moving hostile gunship.
  • Stealth heisted a magic gem from a terrifying hellcrab that was using it as bait.
  • Raided a Vory warehouse.
  • Saved a Disney cruiseship from sinking, while it was being raided by (other) shadowrunners and pirates.
  • Helped kill a Kraken with some toxic cultists worshipping it. (But it was a giant crab.)
  • Used bombs to delete several big powerful spirits in different metaplanes.
An example of Spark's mentor's mask.


Chaos Magician who thinks she is a Hermetic. Follower of the 'Inventor' mentor spirit. Has a mentors mask which warps space around her into strange supernatural angles, generates jumping electrical arcs, and makes the air taste metallic, when she draws magic. Her spirits take the form of featureless clockwork men & women.

Magic 4, IG 4

Astral Reputation: 6 (Hermetic Elementalists get this by default.)


  • Electrical Aura
  • Physical Barrier
  • Magic Fingers
  • Increase Reflexes
  • Armour
  • Manabarrier
  • Heal
  • Increase Charisma


  • Watcher

Alchemical Formulae

  • None


  • None


  • Danger Sense
  • Psychometry
  • Flexible Signature
  • Shielding

Relevant Qualities/Traits

  • Hermetic Elementalist
  • Focused Concentration I
  • Mentor Spirit (Inventor) (Alt of Firebringer)
  • Mentor's Mask
  • Exceptional Attribute (Magic)
  • Chosen Follower
  • Healer
  • [[23d6>5]] [13] Improvised Engineering (12 ranks) (+2 Consumer Electronics, Emergency Repair, McGuyvering)
  • [[23d6>5]] [13] News (12 ranks) (+2 News, Celebrities, Corporations)
  • [[19d6>5]] [13] Shadow Community (8 ranks)
  • [[17d6>5]] [13] Bars & Clubs (6 ranks)
  • [[17d6>5]] [13] Small Unit Tactics (6 ranks) (+2 Disruption)
  • [[17d6>5]] [13] Shady Cops (6 ranks)
  • [[17d6>5]] [13] Urban Threats (6 ranks)
  • [[17d6>5]] [13] Sprawl Life (6 ranks)
  • [[16d6>5]] [13] Fencing (5 ranks)
  • [[16d6>5]] [13] Signs of Magic (5 ranks)
  • [[15d6>5]] [13] Area Knowledge (Seattle) (4 ranks)
  • [[15d6>5]] [13] Cooking (4 ranks)
  • [[18d6>5]] [13] Mathematics (4 ranks)
  • [[15d6>5]] [13] Shadowrunning Payments (4 ranks)
  • [[15d6>5]] [13] Street Drugs (4 ranks)
  • [[15d6>5]] [13] Fashion (4 ranks)
  • [[13d6>5]] [13] Metaplanar Studies (3 ranks)
  • [[13d6>5]] [13] Underworld (2 ranks)
  • [[13d6>5]] [13] Spycraft (2 ranks)
  • [[12d6>5]] [13] Spirits (2 ranks)
  • [[13d6>5]] [13] Security Companies (2 ranks)
  • [[12d6>5]] [13] Price Evaluation (2 ranks)
  • [[12d6>5]] [13] Parazoology (2 ranks)
  • [[13d6>5]] [13] Mythology (2 ranks)
  • [[13d6>5]] [13] Magical Threats (2 ranks)
  • [[12d6>5]] [13] Law (2 ranks)
  • [[13d6>5]] [13] Gangs (2 ranks)
  • [[12d6>5]] [13] Forensics (2 ranks)
  • [[12d6>5]] [13] Arcane Theory (2 ranks)
  • [[12d6>5]] [13] Hermetic Tradition (1 rank)
  • [[11d6>5]] [13] Horrors (1 rank)
  • [[11d6>5]] [13] Psychology (1 rank)

Automatic Stuff


Allies: None

Enemies: None


Contact toLoyalty
Hans Brackhaus (Lion D'or)1
Dr. Spicy Steve4
David Corleone6
Steve "The Face" Stace1
Sam the Bartender2
Ms. Charlotte3
Serif 364
Sophia Brown1
Arthur the Criminal Supplies Guy2

Notable Techniques


Notable Possessions





DateNameWorked With
21 January 18 JLAll Sins Are TheftAshurbanipal
3L T1GR3
Spark ;)
14 October 2017 14:00:00Bad NameMononoke
Spark ;)
17 October 2017 01:00:00Beyond the Sea of LiesSpark ;)
20 October 2017Begin AgainSpark ;)
28 October 2017Back in BusinessSpark ;)
19 January 2018A traitor to his own kindAshurbanipal
Spark ;)
10 February 2018New meets OldSpark ;)
Ice Hawk
17 February 2018Dust & BonesSpark ;)
6 November 2018POP/STARS (run)Sturgeon
Spark ;)


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Name: Spark ;)

Chargen: Standard

GMP: 127

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