Speedline Miracle Masterpiece (Premade Run)

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This premade run should give GMs something to play around with and re-run because it can lead to a lot of fun situations. I've done this job before in Speedline Miracle Masterpiece, but I'm planning to do this again sometime in the future, so I figured I'd share my process with this premade run, and to offer an alternative to the way premade runs are presented.

GM Difficulty

This should be pretty easy to run on the fly or with some notetaking, but in this premade run description I presuppose that you're able to come up with stats for opposition on the fly. If nothing else, the rule of 12 plus or minus some dice against most things runners do has been doing wonders for me for years.

Run Abstract

An undercover agent returning from duty has been targeted by assassins and it is the runners' job to counteract these lethal measures. The problem: These assassins have devised not one, but at least three or more measures to kill this person!

Run Theme

I intended for this job to elicit a feel in the players typical for international superspy movies such as James Bond or Kingsman. There's a lot of hectic on-the-fly problemsolving that has to be done in addition to "regular" runner things, with plenty of customization options to tune the atmosphere and mood to your liking. If desired, this run can even serve as a lead-in to greater conspiracy or to introduce a chain of events relevant to a different run due to an optional McGuffin.

Party Composition

Required: Decker or Face, Street Sam

  • There are baddies and they'll need to be dealt with, and at minimum runners are going to have to get into a restricted location one way or another, which facilitates the need for a decker or face. Worse, they'll not just have to get into a restricted location, but they'll have to be there semi-legitimately, which forces them to subject themselves to cyber-limiters, magic cuffs or other restriction measures that will need to be circumvented via facing or decking.

Optional: Decker or Face, Mage

  • Of course it can't hurt to have both face AND decker, and magical threats can certainly become relevant in this job's scope as they almost always can be.

Why This Song?

Runs by Alex (User:AfroNin) are often inspired by music videos, be it the mood of the song, subject matter or title. This one refers to a song from GTA V. It's fast, energetic, poser, and the lyrics are not terrible, either. That... is probably one of the best endorsements I can give out for it!

Run Structure

In general, feel free to change as much of this job's structure as you'd like, these are just a template for you to customize your own run.

Dramatis Personae

Mr Johnson

  • I used a Johnson who had never been seen working before.
  • Legwork will reveal that this person likes to do volunteer work and that their occupation is consultant for the Draco Foundation. Sometimes it's just that easy, but you can make it more mysterious if you'd like.

Lina Jensen (the target)

  • Also known by many different other aliases, and should the Johnson have to divulge the identity of the target, he'd give them one of those instead of her real name.
  • Agent of the Draco Foundation
  • Has been spying on Aztechnology operations
  • Returning from South America to Seattle with a hot tail

The Mechanics Crew

  • A team of hired assassins that have secretly replaced a SeaTac mechanic crew to sabotage a plane. They'll do some last-minute tuning and then disappear into the shadows.
  • The nature of the sabotage is motor-based and should cause it to explode after the motor has been in use for some time, roughly mid-flight.
  • Combat-capable, and if directly confronted while sabotaging, ready to counterattack the runners in an attempt to try and kill them, then hide any evidence of the fight happening.

Adam Bell

  • Ex-shadowrunner (street sam with at least two cyberarms) who hung up the mantle and started work for Aztechnology early on in his life.
  • His life partner died recently. Combined with his cyberpsychosis, he steers towards more and more unreasonably dangerous assignments.
  • His death-wish leads him to accept a suicide job to assassinate Lina on the plane. He's not told that he also has a cranial bomb in his head and that the plane has been rigged to explode mid-flight.

The Meet

  • Counteract assassination attempts on an already moving target from a KE police station to SeaTac airport, then from Seattle to a flight to Neo-Tokyo.
  • Give the runners very little time to do legwork, at most a day, at least a few hours so that they can get on the plane last-minute.
  • The short time frame and necessarily dangerous exposure to many problematic elements will force the Johnson to pay at least 15000 nY. This job isn't particularly bad-feels, so you shouldn't pay much more than that.
  • The Johnson will try to keep the identity of this target secret, but should the runners be convincing enough, he will reveal that the target they are supposed to protect is a Draco Foundation member coming back from a classified trip. Revelations on her return trip force her to fly to Neo-Tokyo where she will be safe, but the trip there might prove more than lethal.

Meet Location

Verona's Diner in Touristville, the first one in the global chain and probably one of the only places in the neighborhood that sells real milk milkshakes. And by god are they delicious. This Location is just for flavor, but placing it in the Barrens in some diner like this should allow some of the hired assassins or one of their lackeys that no one is aware of yet to listen in and prepare for the meet. If you'd like, you could reward perceptive or smart runners here already by revealing that someone is attempting to listen in on the meet conversation.


  • Contacts, Knowledge Skills or Matrix Searches can provide the runners additional info on Lina Jensen, her partnership with Aztechnology
  • Limitations on what can be brought onto a plane (Hint: Nothing), as well as restrictions that will be put on innately powerful characters (cyber limiters, magic cuffs, etc.)
  • The fact that flight personnel is going to be trained in martial arts and is equipped with guns using Frangible weapons
  • Flight routine will suggest that a team of mechanics will check a plane before it flies off to ensure that it's safe
    • Looking into SeaTac's mechanics via hacking a R6 service host will indicate that the crew's names and ID has been changed in the last few days.
  • Should Awakened be unaware: Magic will be heavily penalized by a background count of 6 or higher because Suborbital planes get pretty far up the atmosphere.

The Airport

The Sea-Tac airport in Downtown utilizes AAA-level Metroplex Guard and military forces to establish peace on the premises. It's pretty large, though, and runners ideally should only have to go through a checkpoint or two to get to the hangar if their intended target is the mechanic crew. Cameras will be trained on the runners at all times, so doing anything untoward there will probably result in problems. Keep in mind, though, that travelling with weapons and other restricted gear is legal, so long as it's done so by putting it in your luggage, and potentially bleeding the runners with some taxation for added security transport measures.

  • The aforementioned mechanic crew will try to perform some "last-minute checkup" (sabotage) on the airplane
  • Runners will have to board a plane to ensure Lina's security


There's probably more than just one hangar, so that the one the runners are dealing with is somewhat more isolated to cut down on the scene's complexity. The mechanic crew isn't terribly well-armored, but they should bring a surprising amount of military weapon gunpower to the fight, such as AK-97s and Krime Boss shotguns to compensate for their smaller number (anywhere from 4-8 people, depending on how hard you think you need to challenge your players). I gave these guys about 20 soak and 14 dice to kill stuff.

(If you don't want to deal with the consequences of an all-out gunfight on Sea-Tac premises, you can give the runners enough time to locate the mechanic crew at their hideout and have the fight there)

Runners will either need to get chased out of Sea-Tac hard, which could justify the existence of a rigger or wheelman, or they'll just have to have a good face or decker to settle this situation with the authorities on the fly (hack comms and other stuff to mask permission etc)


  • Adam Bell, a cybered street sam who has a hacker jacked into the airplane's security system to unlock his cyber-limiters, is planning to kill the target and then be overwhelmed or fight his way out of the airplane (make him tough, 25-30 soak and 14-18 dice with a 10P -3AP spur and Dog Asp Venom reserved for Lina for an additional 10P Toxin if you're feeling brutal)
    • Even if Bell succeeds at stabbing Lina, you should ideally allow her to be on the brink of death so that runners can try and get her back on track if there's a medic on the team. Personnel could provide assistance and a R5 medkit.)
  • The crew is sort of equipped to deal with threats on-plane (10-12 dice), but they will be surprised by his assault and likely won't be able to stop the murder without the help of the runners.
  • The encounter will consist of disabling the restrictions on the runners abilities' to counteract violent threats, involves potentially a decker duel, could involve a paid-off set of flight attendants on Bell's side, and naturally involves disabling Bell.
  • The target could get wounded and could require medical attention from the players (make it a threshold test instead of stacking gazillion negative penalties like the First Aid rules want you to)
  • Should Bell fail, there is still a cranial bomb ready to go off that could cause significant damage to the airplane and cause it to crash mid-flight.

Suborbitals aren't luxurious, but they're pricey. The staff is equipped to deal with combat situations, but they're not great at it. If you want to add more complexity to the run, you could have someone else have the cranial bomb. Rather than letting someone emergency-surgery or hack it out, you could have it go off and let the plane go down, forcing the players to salvage the situation somehow and protect Lina at all costs.


You can take it from here. Arriving in Neo-Tokyo or somewhere in the Pacific where they will be shortly rescued, the runners should ideally succeed the job despite a bunch of difficult challenges. I'd call this a high threat run, let the runners find paydata in the mechanic or Adam Bell's possession and pay them somewhere around 18000nY and 8 Karma.