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Gender Male
Race Human African-American
Aura Type Mundane
Essence 4.55
Primary Role Infiltrator/Scout
Secondary Role Combatant
Character Sheet [Chummer PDF]


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Street Cred 0


A speedy courier turned runner that can scout and infiltrate for the team and provide good supporting fire in combat.


The Idealist

Because I'm Good At It

Awesome Ego

Loveable Rogue


  • Aztechnology dislikes him.
  • Works 80 hours a month as a courier "Legally".
  • Helps out older grandparents on occasion.

Notable Qualities

Qualities that the GM should know about in advance, including but not limited to:

  • Common Sense
  • Day Job (20 Hours Delivery Job in Redmond)
  • Dependent (Inconvenience - Grandparents)


Otto grew up sinless as many in redmond did and became an orphan after his mother was found dead and his father was arrested and sentanced to "life" in prison because of a botched hacking job. Shortly after however he was taken in by his grandparents and lived with them while working as a courier and delivery boy to help them with rent.

When Otto was 17 he began working for more and more illegal and dangerous groups delivering simple things such as drugs and BTLs all the way to body parts and organs. Around this time his grandparents were becoming less and less able to provide not only for him but themselves and drove him to not only continue down the road of depravity but actively seek out more dangerous sources of income. Before he knew it he had fallen into the shadows and on one fateful night unknowingly aided a random group of shadowrunners in a burglery against an Aztechnology owned corporation, thursting him fully into the realm of mercenaries. Fortunately because of his involvement in that run he met people who taught him not only how to protect himself but take advantage of his agility and speed and after years of experiance and training become a reliable and dangerous shadowrunner while maintaining his youthful and enthusiastic demenor.

It's been 4 years since he became a shadow runner and while he still continues his delivery work he also continues to run in the shadows and provide for the little family he has left.

Appearance and Style

  • Meat: A 5'10 Human with greenish eyes, mocha skin and black scruffy hair. (Clothing is on Picture)
  • Astral form: Similar to the meat appearance but with more wild and abstract colors.
  • Matrix persona: A black and white tux with a black helmet instead of the yellow one.


Split is a friendly and somewhat cocky runner who's confident in his ability to get the job done and fulfill his role in the group. Always enthusiastic and ready for action, albeit a bit presumptuous, he tries to keep a positive attitude in whatever he does and while he prefers to avoid altercations is always at the ready to protect himself and those he holds dear.


Split runs to make money, plain and simple. He needs to take care of his grand parents and eventually wants to admit them entry into a private upper class retirement home so that they can live out the rest of their days in relative peace.


At the moment everyone refers to Otto as Split even if they know his real name.

Real name is Otto Yuzl but goes by split.

Richard Bellinger

Licenses include: Automatic Weapons, Concealed Carry Permit, Driver's License, Restricted Bioware.

Name: Otto Yuzl

Chargen: Prime

Facts about "Split"
Chargen typePrime +
Has auraMundane +
Has genderMale +
Has metaHuman African-American +
Has nameOtto Yuzl +
Has roleInfiltrator/Scout +