Spring Cleaning

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GM: User:TheBloodMantis Runners:
RVP: 12
Date: 28 February 2019

The runners were hired by Richard Johnson to look into a missing person case. The runners were told of the location of a known member of the gang which has been kidnapping people. The gang name is the Redmond Reapers, a small gang which did some minor crimes before being contacted by Tamanous to gather people up and send them off. The Runners went to a bar which the known ganger was at, and they proceeded to convince him to come outside. Once outside the runners knock him out, and went through his commlink to find the location of the gang. The runners then made their way to the place, which was an old warehouse which had been changed into a club. The gang used the club to abduct people without drawing too much attention.

Once inside the runners made their way through to the back area, where the bulk of the gang was, and proceeded to fight them and knock them out. The runners then went through a computer and found out where the missing people were, as well as finding out the gang was working with Tamanous. Once that was found out they proceeded to snap the necks of the gangers, before heading upstairs to find the people. Once found they set the people free, and then cleared the club and burnt it down. They then went back to the Johnson and told him the job was done.

The Little People

Spring Cleaning