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Gender Male
Race Dwarf, UCAS
Aura Type Technomancer
Essence 6
Primary Role Matrix
Secondary Role Getaway Driver
Character Sheet [[1]]
Player User:Haeso
Street Cred 0


SURGE Prototype with no clue about his past slowly coming into his own as a professional driver that cheats his way to victory via technomancy - with a debt to pay he's forced into the shadows as a hacker/getaway driver.


Stig was told by some very powerful, very connected Yaks that he was to lose a race they had bet quite a bit of money on. He proceeded to run the guy they'd bet on right off the road and secured victory for himself earning quite a bit of fame in the process, it was his first national race and he'd likely never have gotten another shot at the big time. The yaks took this very personally, several dead bodyguards and a few hours of torture later Stig had sold everything he owned and given them the codes to his bank accounts. That still wasn't enough. The only thing that saved him is his agent happened to stop by and called KE, the Yaks left with a warning: Pay or die.

That was several weeks ago, Stig's Agent is now his fixer as he descends into the shadows, he's got to pay those crazy yaks back somehow. Maybe some day he'll be out for revenge but for now he'd settle for there no longer being a price on his head. So instead of living the life of relative luxury he's used to he's staked out in little more than a hole in the wall in Ravenna with next to nothing to his name hoping for either another big profile race or a job in the shadows.

Stig is okay at what he does, downright above average even - but he's nowhere near good enough to race at the level he does. Everyone is watching for shots from the stands or unauthorized matrix action but nobody can even tell you did anything at all as long as you do it with the resonance, bump their car just a litttttle bit then puppeteer it into an obstacle, everyone thinks it's just a masterful pit maneuver and the sucker who lost control? Nobody believes the sore loser.

Stig has no knowledge of anything before what he's been told was his 18th birthday a little over four years ago. An illegal corporate lab failed to pay the increased bribe money to continue operating when a new 'tough on crime' District Attorney came into office. The facility Stig was created and presumably raised in was raided and shut down, part of the security fail safe was neural deletion of all his memories. As part of the cover up for what was really going down there after trying to call the DA's bluff, Stig was given UCAS citizenship, a few months rent and told to get a job.

His prodigious talent with the resonance resurfaced immediately and he fell in love with street racing, a lucky break with his agent-turned-fixer spotting him win so easily propelled him into national races and fame - and also into trouble with the Yakuza.


Is a man without a past - unless you count that massive pending debt the yaks are looking to get back in full and then some.

Prototype: He doesn't know what company made him or whether they're looking to take him back, the smart money says they are.

Fame: Stig is attempting to balance a life in the shadows with national and eventually global fame, getting caught is *not* an option without destroying both lives.

Notable Qualities

Prototype... But who made him?

In serious Debt with the Yaks. (Will switch to Tough and targeted once he pays it back and realizes they *still* want him dead.)

Sinner: UCAS

Changeling with significant freak factor, prefers to wear a full suit like the picture to hide as much of it as he can.

Fame: MegaCorp (Eventually global.)


January of 2076: "Laurence Kane" (Stig) wakes up with no memory, the only thing he seems sure about is that's not his real name and he's not sure what his real name is.

February of 2076: Before leaving the hospital he discovers an innate talent with the matrix, an intuitive and instinctive understanding of it. It doesn't take long for him to get work as a data entry wage slave, he leaves the hospital before February ends.

December of 2076: Nearly a year of life as a wage slave has left Laurence bitter and bored, with his sprites handling nearly all of his actual work he's left with free time to spare - he spends most of it with his new found passion: Cars and in particular racing. He researches everything about them and spends his spare cash racing in VR sims, they're realistic enough to be excellent practice but the danger, the risk? It's just not there like with real racing. Soon enough by betting on himself online he's made enough to buy a beater of a car.

January of 2077: His first race. Laurence finds himself pretty even with local street racers but his car just isn't capable of keeping up with the competition so he decides to even the playing field using his technomancer abilities to give his car the edge and occasionally take out the competition. He wins easily once he starts playing dirty. It's everything he thought it would be, he's in love with it. He signs up for the next race and quits his job, stringing bet after bet everything he has on himself to win.

June of 2077: King of the local street racing scene out in the barrens of Seattle Laurence decides he wants to move on up, unfortunately nobody will sponsor him, surge freak of a dwarf. He might be good enough to beat punks in beaters but he has no business in the real world. He nearly gives up on his dream but he still has to pay the bills so he continues to race.

February 1st of 2080: Several years of dominating the local scene and his name finally reaches the ear of someone with real connections, enter Ace. No big names in his stable yet and his one decent racer that had a shot in a national event got himself busted up in an unlicensed event, he won't be able to do it. He's desperate for talent and heard about Laurence. Having heard there was a scout watching this one Laurence pulls out all the stops and puts on a show. He takes out every single competitor before the half way mark and nearly pushing his car past it's limits still manages to break a record on time, the ride of his life up to that point - and it got him his big shot.

Several days later after practicing on the track he's approached by the Yakuza and told he needs to lose - or else. Of course he tells them no, it's his dream. A harsh beating later and he agrees - only to be even more determined to fuck them over. He's young and dumb still. Of course he makes short work of the competition here too, cheating and driving for all he's worth. After a polite notification of how much he owed the Yakuza for pulling this stunt and ruining their bet - he panics and hires every thug he can find. The Yakuza promptly kill them and proceed to take Laurence for every last nuyen he's worth at gunpoint and with the occasional sucker punch but it's still not enough.

The only thing that saves him is the sound of KE sirens approaching, they'll be back though and he'd best have their money.

Appearance and Style

  • Meat: Scaly Dwarf with exceptionally stubby arms, usually wearing a suit.
  • Astral form: N/A
  • Astral signature: N/A
  • Matrix persona: Stig.jpg
  • Styles and symbols known for: Nothing comes to mind.


Stig is an adrenaline junky and a matrix hotshot, he's convinced he can drive and hack with the best of them. When he's wrong though and outclassed? He's happy to cheat.

As a Dwarf he's very short and fairly hostile about it a decent sense of humor about everything *but* that.

Stig has no memories of childhood and none of the growth that went along with it - he's occasionally childish as he hasn't exactly grown up yet.


At first Stig is motivated purely by the thrill of the race and natural competitiveness - now however he's stuck with a huge debt his typical races just cannot pay off. Eventually he'll want revenge but for now he just wants to survive and get back to the thrill of racing - little does he know as great as the thrill of the race is, the chase is even better. What's higher stakes than a race? One where if you lose you go to jail.


Laurence Kane

Real UCAS sin.

Name: Haeso

Chargen: Prime

Awakened: Awakened