Stray Dog

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Gender Male
Race Human, American
Aura Type Mundane
Primary Role Face
Secondary Role Muscle
Character Sheet [Character Sheet]
Player User:LightoRaito


Failed detective attempting to provide for his kid


Private Detective - The basis for his character

Morality Pet - His daughter, Ana

Pap Wolf - See above

Jerk With a Heart of Gold/Knight in Sour Armor - Genuinely idealistic, if a little dour

Emotional Bruiser - Not quite as as hardboiled as you might expect


Things that could be useful for a GM to know to further tailor the run for your character, or would make you entertaining to take on a run. Could be stuff like

  • Divorced father of an eight-year-old girl
  • Completely in the Shadowrunning game for the money
  • Has a SIN and did some corp work in his youth. He's not completely off the grid.

Notable Qualities

Qualities that the GM should know about in advance, including but not limited to:

  • Addiction- Moderate (Alcohol)
  • Records on File (Aztechnology and Ares)
  • Dependent (His daughter)


Luke grew up in Dallas/Fort Worth, destined for a life of mediocrity among the low-ranking wageslaves. Towing the line between the street scum and a respectable career, he landed a career as a security guard for a no-name corporation that hired him out to larger, more respected corps. Once proven, he was shipped from city to city across the CAS, his wife and newborn daughter in tow. The constant moving and stress of the job put constant strain on Dixon's family life. When his wage-slave wife was offered a promotion along with a move to the corporate HQ in Seattle, he had little recourse to say no. However, with his new job unable to find him a new position in the UCAS, he decided to reapply his skills and go into business as a private investigator. His new work was no less stressful on his relationship with his family. Eventually, making enough money to support herself, Mrs. Dixon filed for divorce, leaving Luke to take care of the now school-aged Ana. With work hard to come by, and even harder to get out of the ex-wife, Luke turned to shadowrunning, hoping to make enough money to buy his daughter a better life.

Appearance and Style

  • Meat: Weathered face, early receding hairline, lithe build,
  • Matrix persona: Like an old-fashioned PI, but with a large hat hiding the face. Imagine your incognito browsing logo, but as a a whole person.
  • Styles and symbols known for: Enjoys dressing nicely, but prefers neutral colors.


Takes care to present himself as a hardboiled badass, but is much more animated than the stereotype entails. Wears is heart on his sleeve and speaks freely. Puts his kid above anything else.


He wants to provide a promising life for his child. Having enough money to feed her good food, buy her nice clothes, send her to a good school, and all that good stuff, is his primary motivator. He's not immune to his own desires and compulsions, but he pushes himself to keep Ana as his top priority.


Louis Lambert

Private Investigator's License, Driver's License, Firearms License, Bioware License, Cyberware License

Automatic Stuff


Allies: None

Enemies: None


Contact toLoyalty
Frankie Foxtrot3
Dr. Jessica Zhao1

Notable Techniques


Notable Possessions






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Name: Stray Dog

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