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Gender Male
Race Fish (Elf)
Aura Type Mundane
Essence 1.50
Primary Role Combat
Secondary Role B&E
Player User:Your_Name


The Elf, the myth, the legend.

Long Story short, Sturgeon is a fighter. He wields death and violence like most us a knife or gun. On the outside, he appears as insane and wild but this is front to hide the calculating killer within.


Guns Akimbo

Blood Is the New Black

Particularly insane

Professional Killer

Dark Past

Family Man - Don't fuck with his Sister


  • Suffers from, but in of control, cyberpsychosis
  • Will do whatever it takes to protect Nami (his adopted sister)
  • Wants the latest and greatest in tech
  • Will do (mostly) anything for money

Notable Qualities

Qualities that the GM should know about in advance, including but not limited to:

  • Tough and Targeted
  • More human than Human (PT and Biocompatability (cyber))
  • One Hell of a Shot! (Strive Shooter)
  • Looking out for number one (Out for Himself)
  • That's the Fish for you (Bad Rep and Force of Chaos)


Backstory goes here. Should be at least a small paragraph, could be 10 pages. Up to you.

Appearance and Style

  • Meat: A freakishly tall, broad-shouldered elf covered in geometric tattoos.
  • Astral form: Why would this happen
  • Astral signature: Only way he'd leave one of these is my an explosion
  • Matrix persona: Him but with a fish head.
  • Styles and symbols known for: Distictive Style: Geometric Tattoo's- Sleeve on his left arm (From hand to collorbone)(, Sleeve on his right arm (From hand to collorbone)( ) Red ink tesseract on neck(, Left palm ( and more unseen


Your character's personality


  • Make money, allies and connections
  • Fight some tough bastards
  • Have fun!


The Fish-Man

Fake SINs go here, listing licenses

Jim Gumshoe

Private Investigator's License, Concealed Carry license,


"PRIME/STANDARD/STREET" is not in the list (Prime, Sum to 11, Standard, Scum) of allowed values for the "Chargen type" property.

Awakened: Awakened