Sugar Bleat

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Satyrcut thing.jpg
Gender Female
Race Satyr
Aura Type Mundane
Essence 4
Primary Role Demolitions
Secondary Role Gun-bunny/face
Character Sheet [[1]]


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Street Cred 0

Chummer Files: [[2]]


Controlled chaos compressed into a satyr armed with explosives, shotguns, and a heart melting bleat.


  • Sheep Puns.
  • The explosives guy from the Atlantis movie.
  • Make it rain! Full auto high explosive and flachete shotgun rain.
  • Runs slightly faster than her blast radius.
  • Only does bioware. Sense of touch is too important to her to go chrome.


Zobi is highly prone to be in one of three places. Running from where she just planted a bomb, Zav's penthouse, or at her place plugged into an VRMMO's with her street doc guild master.

Notable Qualities

  • School of hard knocks
  • Sharpshooter
  • Friends In high places
  • Big regret (related to above)
  • Phobia (common,mild) Spiders
  • Phobia (uncommon,severe) Werewolves....just try and guess why?
  • Debt 7


Zobi was born in the 2060's a year or two before the crash to a satyr mother and a (Redacted) father in the italian countryside a safe distance from Rome. Post her being born the family was made to immigrate to San Francisco in the california free state due to corporate employment contracts with (redacted). It was only two hours after they had gotten off the plane that Crash 2.0 had struck while the family was in the middle of having their sins transferred into CFS ones. While they were fortunate enough not to be on the planes when they went down, Their sins and data were lost from the systems on all accounts. The family was rendered sinless and destitute with finances lost to the matrix of old. Zobi even lost her last name as she never had to use it being sinless. She was made to grow up a child of the shadows during the Japanese occupation which quickly led her into the life of a runner based in the half destroyed remains of Oakland. Seeming to have a natural inclination towards long arms and an unhealthy interest in fireworks she eventually met and developed quite the relationship with a yakuza arms dealer. With him as the best and only proper partner/lover she's ever had he sponsored her up through the shadow running world getting her everything she needs to live how she wants to live, even if the Yakuza would never condone such a pairing if they found out.

Appearance and Style

  • [Physical Appearance] Well lets get the obvious satyr legs and white skin out of the way....but aside from that like many satyrs shes alot more of a lighter build than most orc types with both her hair and fur being an auburn color. Working from the top down the horns she sports are the thick curled back like a ram type...if anyone calls her a tom boy for this they have been shot. Along with the horns comes her hair, Shes the type Where her hair is so large and messy that it possibly doubles as a pocket dimension for storage. Been washed plenty but its never been combed or really cut.
  • [Matrix] Zobi's matrix avatar is based on a character Khara (her Street doc and MMO guild master) helped her make several years ago for a DnD 12th edition game the doc hosted over the matrix. It was based on a blue skinned tiefling born between a succubus and a satyr...just so Zobi could have the excuse of the avatar having the same hair, horns, and hooves as her. Looks quite the adventurer type with plenty of leather gear and magical shenanigans.
  • [Astral] Zobi's astral appearance as a mundane is hardly potent or spectacular, but more looks like a wispy version of herself that's not really all there. Generally just looks passively nervous as the primary emotion around her when it comes to stuff regarding the soul as upon close inspection there are a number of flickering crosses that float about her person.


Sheepish......Okay with that required pun out of the way shes not actually the sheepish most situations. Shes usually the highly energetic lacking both fore and after thought type. Shes the kind of satyr that would walk out of her lab with goggles on, two packs of gunpower under her arms, and two cigars lit in her mouth just to go. "Hey guys look what I made!" Just to watch the rest of the team that was there hit freak out when in reality she knows the sacks of gunpowder are completely harmless. She is only ever like this in situations where there is no actual danger. Living through the Japanese occupation as a sinless orc subtype in Oakland has lead her to being cautious and precise to the point of overreacting when unexpected things happen. She wants to find the quickest solution to the job without compromising identities. Shes the type that if a fellow runner gets trapped in a room or arrested she will yeet about 10 kilos of rating 20 dynamite into the room to kill as many mooks as possible. If the runner that was pinned is still alive she will execute any survivors that saw their face and get them out of there....even if it would have been easier to leave them to die.

Outside of running shes the loyal type. She won't betray you over unless you've done something to deserve being shot in the back of the head with point blank high explosive rounds. While she can Con/Seduce she would never actually cheat on Zav, girls don't count though cause he's into it, cause to her there no other man for this lamb.

She may be female but she has the problem solving mentality of a guy with too much free time and pyromania. She wants to find the easiest and fastest solution to the problem...and usually does so without thinking. She is at her most dangerous when shes being spontaneous or when shes had days to plan. Spontaneous being throwing grenades on the highway during a car chase... days to plan would be a series of strategically places explosives around that city that would level the local subsidiary offices of a corp when wage slave #79FH6 goes to lift his soycaff mug at exactly 11:23 AM for his pre lunch break caffine.

Of her flaws she is Vindictive, Petty, and prone to Overreacting. Some low end management dude over charging her cause shes just some orc? Grenade in mailbox. Pizza guy way past the 30 min mark cause he just dosn't care? Light a kilo or two of thermite over his engine block. Guy cuts her off on the interstate and risked her/her fellow runners lives? Landmines under his back tires the next morning. Shoot her or her peeps? Full auto high explosive rounds and at everything in your general direction, and once dead level whatever building the offender was just in. Try to steal her explosives stockpile in her house? Rigged it to explode the whole thing and take out everything from her house to the surrounding city block.


She wants to earn enough Cash for 2.5 things. (the 0.5 just helps the 2 along) She wants to get enough money get get herself a REAL sin so she can actually have a chance to start living out of the shadows. After that she needs enough funds to be able to retire for good and escape the shadows with Zav, get married, open a fire works chain, have a bunch of satyr kids....the kind of drek no one ever really lives long enough to get. The 0.5 thing is that she wants a set of heavy mil spec just for her based on a doodle she drew once. Not only cause she thinks its cool but it'll keep her alive long enough to fulfill the other two things. 'I am Iron Sheep!' Que fireworks and Black Sabbath cover.



Bella Keentoli

Driver's License, Firearms License, Private investigator License.

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Allies: none

Enemies: none


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Frau Erika6

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Name: Zobi

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