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Gender Male
Race Human
Aura Type Mundane
Essence 6
Primary Role Leader
Secondary Role Infiltrator
Character Sheet [Character Sheet]
Player User:Joseph
Street Cred 0


A modern day male Scheherazade, except the stories are made firsthand and streamed.


  • Betrothed to a princess with a bad habit of beheading all her prior suitors.

Suitor believes

  • He was an awakened elf in a past life but now has ascended to a mundane human.
  • A true ruler would rise regardless of his station in life and prove himself capable of ruling men stronger and more dangerous than him.

Notable Qualities

  • "Scheherazade": Poor Self Control (Thrill-Seeker), Daredevil, Driven (Appeasing the princess' bloodthirst)
    • Beheaded if unable to generate interesting stories for the princess
  • "Storyteller": Poor Self Control (Narration), Electronic Witness, Tough and Targeted
    • Runs are recorded (usually live streamed) and narrated. Shown to the princess and sometimes the rest of court, who may take the opportunity to mess with him.
  • "The Princess Consort": Fame (National), Day Job 3
    • Marrying into the O'Connor Dunaan-mor family.
  • "The Once and Future King": Distinctive Style (Symbols of Righ), Alpha Junkie, Did You Just Call Me Dumb?, Creature of Comfort (High), Vendetta (Hated by many Dunaan princes)
    • Claims to be the only true Follower of the Path of Righ


Aeneas was raised at birth by the Dunaan-mor family O'Connor. He took keen interest in the Council of Stewards and studied vigorously all the skills his elven brethren focused on. For his awakened elf brothers, 22 years old would have been considered quite late to have their Coigriochallabh, but for a mundane human, it sounded like a joke- and a quite distasteful one.

He had no way out- he was certain his fever dreams were truly from Coigriochallabh and yet he could never end it, as the Giving of Honour ceremony was closed to him. To make matters worse, many of his dreams featured The Morrigan, who constantly foretold how he would die in the future or how he supposedly died in the past.

In the most vivid of these, she told him that if he did the unthinkable- forcing himself into the ceremony and claiming to Seek a Path- he'd certainly die for his blasphemy. The message was much the same as prior dreams, but this time he was more aware of his own body. Now he finally noticed that during all these meetings with The Morrigan, he wore a hooded cloak and carried a club, a cauldron, and a harp. With sudden clarity, he realized who he truly was and what he must do.

At the next Council of Stewards meeting, he tailed his brothers to Tara. Once they had congregated and the meeting was underway, he lept upon the stone to Give his Honour, declaring that he didn't Seek, but Followed the Path of Righ. Aeneas claimed to be an awakened elf reincarnated as a mundane human and that all true Followers of Righ are such- after all, a true ruler would rise regardless of his station in life and prove himself capable of ruling men stronger and more dangerous than him. ""All existing Followers of Righ are merely pretenders."" Sacrilegious it may be, a few from the crowd thought the oath too important to be interrupted- and so he wasn't dragged off until he finished.

As expected, Cuirt Danaan was to immediately decide how to punish his outburst, and so Aeneas quickly enacted the second part of his plan before MacNamara could convene the court. The daughter of one of the O'Connor branch families had recently become of age and numerous attempts had been made to marry her off- all ending in the beheading of the groom before the next morning and a struggle to convince another family to send a potential suitor. Aeneas brought himself before the girl, declare himself the once and future King, and asked for her hand. Having made the brave decision to self impose himself with certain death, MacNamara decided Aeneas needn't further punishment.

Borrowing a strategy from 1001 Arabian Nights, a book he received from an anonymous source a few weeks prior, he told the princess he'd deliver her stories she couldn't bear to not hear the end of, and promptly booked a flight to Seattle to start a life as a shadowrunner.

Appearance and Style

  • Physical: Black haired male that favors dark clothing sporting symbols for all of The Arcana (stone, sword, spear, and cauldron) but often juxtaposes this with a starkly contrasting white (usually his mask).
  • Astral form: Similar to physical form except the contrast of dark and light is magnified to levels impossible with real, physical light and he bears a crown.
  • Matrix persona: Same as astral.


Tries to act as befitting the once and future king.


Appeasing the princess in order to complete the Path of Righ.

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Name: Suitor

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