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Gender Female
Race Elf
Aura Type Mystic Adept
Essence 6
Primary Role Magic Archer
Secondary Role Social
Character Sheet [Character Sheet]
Player User:ZnKz
Street Cred 0


Ex-Japanese Go-Ganger who's washed out in Seattle. Seeker of new experiences, and general high-octane adventures.


  • Member of the Kazama gang/family
  • Traveler of the Metaplanes (SoonTM)

Notable Qualities

  • Mentor Spirit (Dragonslayer)
  • Allergy (Soy)


Tsukiko Sato was raised in the streets of the Neo-Tokyo sprawl, her parents never really bothering to raise her, and she didn't mind. The blurry images she had of them were nothing compared to the Kazama gang, a group of young rapscallions like herself who toured around the sprawl, helping themselves, and when possible, others who needed them. It wasn't a glamorous life and often involved nursing a lot of injuries, but it was the good ol' days for them. As they grew older, some of them tried to make more and more of a difference, with Tsukiko desiring to do the same, figuring nothing could stop the family if they worked at something together. Sadly, reality asserted itself violently when Tsukiko rescued some girls from a bunraku parlor, only to find that a local Yakuza lieutenant had taken a great offense to her doing so. Not wanting to drag the gang into trouble, she fled, but partway through hired gun shot her just as she was arriving on a smuggling boat bound to Seattle. An otherwise lethal shot left her adrift upon the waves. She washed up in an island she'd never read about in the books and stumbled around for hours searching for a way out. Inside, she found her patron and her namesake. Susano-no-Mikoto, Lord of Storms and slayer of the Yamato-no-Orochi, a figure of legend she'd been acquainted many times when calling upon her mystic abilities. The larger-than-life figure said he had taken an interest in her, saving her from drowning by having the storms shepherd the waves to bring her to the Arashi no Shima, and saved her so that she could carry on her life that would otherwise be cut short.

Whether he spoke truth or not didn't matter to the young lady, who stayed in the island until she could hitch another ride to Seattle, and finally make her way in the world.

Appearance and Style

  • Physical: 5'4, brilliant dark-blue hair, blue-gray eyes, agile-looking and always scanning around for opportunities for fun.
  • Astral form: A version of herself, shrouded in storm-clouds as though they were her robes, and with longer flowing hair that streams into tassles of lightning.
  • Matrix persona: None.


Fun-loving brat, always up for helping the little people and hurting the big people.


She's a heroine of her own story and so she seeks out the adventures. She wants to grow to the point where she can keep the people she cares about from being pushed around, springing up orphanages wherever she goes would be the dream.

Automatic Stuff


Allies: none

Enemies: none


Contact toLoyalty
Ashurbanipal The Black1
Hei Sifu3
David Corleone1

Notable Techniques


Notable Possessions





DateNameWorked With
19 April 2019Warning ShotJet
War Doll
11 May 2019Grains of SandKiki
18 July 2019Harem HijinxSaoirse
Miss Chief
Ice Hawk
25 July 2019Don't Leave Me (run)Shiki
3 August 2019Deepwater Blues (run)Susano'o
6 August 2019Dude Where's My SwordGrowth
10 August 2019Professional Wedding UncrashersJazz


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