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Gender Male
Race Human, Unknown
Aura Type Technomancer
Essence 6
Primary Role Hacking
Secondary Role Pilot and Wheelman
Character Sheet [Character Sheet]
Player User:Cliff
Street Cred 0


An escaped Experiment from Evo Corporation turned Runner who escaped via Emerging.


Escaped From The Lab: Evo Corporation is up to shady dreg like always.

The Quiet One: Tass rarely speaks, preferring DNI, but will speak when needed.

Troubled Backstory Flashback: He seems to stare off at nothing often, wonder what he's thinking about.


  • Evo wants their research subject back alive, regardless of how broken it is.
  • Technomancers are quite misunderstood to the common populace.

Notable Qualities

  • Curiosity Killed the Cat: Sometimes you just gotta know....
  • Wanted (Evo): It seems that breaking out of a research lab makes some people unhappy.
  • Flashbacks II (Evo Corporation Logo): Sometimes you just don't want to remember, but can't help it.
  • Records on File (Evo): It's been a while since he escaped, but they probably have some good info still.
  • Bad Luck: Pissing off lady luck is quite impressive a feat, a shame you did that though.


Born, or more accurately made, in an Evo Corp research facility, Tass didn't have a great life growing him. He didn't even have a name, just being called Subject PNT #5, whatever that means. The Experiment they were using him for was to study the effects of certain drugs on a developing persons mind from birth. To this end they put chemical glands set to gradual release, though as Tass wasn't the control group they used him to see how a few other bioware would effect the results, mainly Narco and a Cerebellum Booster (Though at a low rating). The experiment mainly involved seeing how the subjects would react to teaching and if their learning capacity would be effected at all. In Tass's case he ended up excelling quite well, getting the equivalent grades of a College Freshman when he was only sixteen. Though with knowledge comes chance, and that chance was boosted by Tass's unexpected Awakening into a Technomancer. Using his new-found powers and knowledge he hacked his way out of the facility over a course of a week, getting the necessary data needed to make a clean escape before finally bolting on the last day. A shame he didn't think to erase his records. After that he's been on the run, currently residing in a quite hidden Downtown Apartment, though it's a bit cramped.

Appearance and Style

  • Meat: Brown hair nearly shoulder length when unkempt with yellowish green eyes mark the only notable hallmarks on his face, besides the bandanna he enjoys wearing.
  • Astral signature: A sense of not belonging.
  • Matrix persona: A stereotypical train robbing bandit wearing a white bandanna around their face.
  • Styles and symbols known for: Enjoys wearing a Bandanna around his face, the color being pastel white.


Distant and quiet, yet usually super focused on something most of the time. Seems to be trapped in his head sometimes.


To Survive, free of Evo's hand.

Meet some friends, being lonely sucks.


Subject PNT #5


Restricted Firearm's License

Name: Tass

Chargen: Prime

Awakened: Awakened

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