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One Chip Equals:
See Template:UseContact
You can spend downtime or nuyen to pay back chips, or pay your contacts nuyen for services directly.

Contact Title ({{{Contact Type}}}), Connection ()

Common Dice Pools: {{{Common Dice Pools}}}

{{{Contact Description}}}

{{{Special Ability Name}}} {{{Special Ability Description}}}

B A R S W L I C Edg Ess
{{{Body}}} {{{Agility}}} {{{Reaction}}} {{{Strength}}} {{{Willpower}}} {{{Logic}}} {{{Intuition}}} {{{Charisma}}} {{{Edge}}} {{{Essence}}}

Skills: {{{Active Skills}}}

Skill Pools: {{{Active Skill Pools}}}

Knowledge Skills: {{{Knowledge Skills}}}

Knowledge Skill Pools: {{{Knowledge Skill Pools}}}