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Plays Onyx, Leaf and Ken, GMs occasionally, and most of the time not enough people apply, might be because runs are impromptu and EU time.

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4 July 2018Desperation and ArroganceTeo222
25 August 2018Traitors BewareTeo222
7 October 2018Glimpse of HopeTeo222
30 October 2018Virtues Remade (run)Teo222
31 October 2018Every Nook And Cranny (run)Teo222
7 November 2018Monsters Abound (run)Teo222
12 November 2018Unforeseen Reprisal (run)Teo222
15 November 2018Third Party (run)Teo222
17 November 2018Misplaced Things (run)Teo222
19 November 2018Right Time Right Place (run)Teo222
24 November 2018A Case Of Mistaken Identity (run)Teo222
17 December 2018Seclusion Stopped (run)Teo222
1 January 2019Reason Restricted (run)Teo222
23 February 2019Ephemeral Energy Escapes (run)Teo222
22 April 2019All In Good Faith (run)Teo222
3 May 2019Wayward Ways of the Wicked (run)Teo222
28 May 2019Breaking Out (run)Teo222
1 June 2019Ineffectual Insurance Increases (run)Teo222
3 August 2019Out of The Game (run)Teo222
1 October 2019Scouting The Field (run)Teo222
25 October 2019White Hat Luxury (run)Teo222
2 November 2019Darling Descendant Danger (run)Teo222