The Stranger

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One Chip Equals:
Loyalty 1 - 80 hours of downtime or 2400 nuyen
Loyalty 2 - 72 hours of downtime or 2160 nuyen
Loyalty 3 - 64 hours of downtime or 1920 nuyen
Loyalty 4 - 56 hours of downtime or 1680 nuyen
Loyalty 5 - 48 hours of downtime or 1440 nuyen
Loyalty 6 - 40 hours of downtime or 1200 nuyen
You can spend downtime or nuyen to pay back chips, or pay your contacts nuyen for services directly.

Blood Mage Hunter (Service - Instruction), Connection 1 (Private)

Common Dice Pools: Instruction 29 [8], Etiquette 13 [8], Blades 23 [14], Archery 16 [14], Perception 17 [8], Artisan 16 [8], Navigation 16 [8], Sneaking 21 [14], Tracking 13 [8].
(Eight hours of safe work costs a chip)

The Stranger has had many names: the Outsider, the Blood Hunter, the Vigilant One. Well, those are the closest translations possible from his native language, Z'Thalian, to English. In fact, he originally hails from the Fourth World.

His story starts tragically, with blood mages killing everyone in his village. At the time, the Stranger was merely a farmer, living a quiet life with his family, surrounded by his community. He wasn't even remotely aware of the evils of the Fourth World, or if he was it was only in an abstract way. The attack and subsequent destruction of his village changed his entire life, leaving him alone, left as a warning for any who would challenge the ruthless cabal of blood mages. Upon burying his family, and then burning down his village, he swore on their graves he would do just that -- he would challenge the cabal, and destroy them.

Fortunately for him, this horrific experience was what he needed to snap and Awaken. Doubly fortunate for him, he found a wise and ancient being to train him in the ways of being an Adept, to wield a blade, track his enemies, and shrug off mortal blows that would kill any normal man. With his newly honed skills, he set out and dedicated himself to eradicating blood magic from the Fourth World.

For over two centuries, he traveled the earth, slaying any and all blood mages, and earned their eternal enmity. He became known to all as the greatest blood mage hunter alive, forming as many allies as he did enemies along the way. It wasn't until he was tricked in a last-ditch effort by the last, and most despicable, of blood mage cabals that he was finally defeated, but even in his defeat the blood mages feared what killing him might unleash, and instead sealed him in a tomb with blood magic, hoping that their temple and seals would hold until they came up with a permanent solution.

However, the cataclysms that brought the Fourth World into the Fifth also removed any trace of the Stranger from the history books, leaving only the dragons and free spirits to remember him. Now that he has been newly freed, he seeks to understand the Sixth World, and find where he fits into it, as well as reconnect with his old allies, should any still remain to be so.

Not Too Shabby, Kid At loyalty 5, legwork and networking cost one less chip

B A R S W L I C Edg Ess Magic
6 (10) 6 (10) 6 (10) 7 (11) 6 6 6 6 7 6  ?

Skills: Instruction 12, Etiquette 5, Blades 13, Archery 6, Perception 8, Artisan 6, Navigation 10, Sneaking 9, Tracking 9.
(Eight hours of safe work costs a chip)

Skill Pools: Instruction 29 [8], Etiquette 13 [8], Blades 23 [14], Archery 16 [14], Perception 17 [8], Artisan 16 [8], Navigation 16 [8], Sneaking 21 [14], Tracking 17 [8].
(Eight hours of safe work costs a chip)

Knowledge Skills: Fourth World History 6, Magical Threats 6, Archaeology 4, Fourth World Languages 6, Blood Magic 4, Farming 4.
(They'll generally tell you what they know for a chip)

Knowledge Skill Pools: Fourth World History 12 [8], Magical Threats 12 [8], Archaeology 10 [8], Fourth World Languages 12 [8], Blood Magic 10 [8], Farming 10 [8].
(They'll generally tell you what they know for a chip)

Legwork 14 [16] (Legwork costs at least two chips). For some topics, the contact has more dice: Instruction 20 [16], Fourth World History 19 [16], Magical Threats 15 [16], Archaeology 18 [16], Fourth World Languages 16 [16].
Networking 21 [16]. (Networking generally costs two chips)
Find Gear 7 [16]. (Finding gear costs a chip)


Facts about "The Stranger"
Connection1 +
Contact PermissionsPrivate +
Contact TitleBlood Mage Hunter +
Contact TypeService - Instruction +
First special ability descAt loyalty 5, legwork and networking cost one less chip +
First special ability nameNot Too Shabby, Kid +
OwnerSirBercelak +