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Gender Female
Race Dwarf, Latina
Aura Type Magician
Essence 6
Primary Role Manipulation Mage
Secondary Role Animal Wrangler
Character Sheet [Google Drive]
Player User:Morrenz
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Clarita or Tula as she is now known is a Paranoid witch chick that is highly focused on manipulation magic.


The Paranoiac


Her family are either Gnawers or Dead. She is not sure. She's worried that people know what she did and are watching her. She's worried that there's always another Fomoraig around the corner. She doesn't like giving out personal information

Notable Qualities

Big Regret: Her family is dead.

Paranoia: Everything is out to get her. Even the birds are out to get her.

Poor Self Control (Compulsive 3 Public): She'll control all those birds and guarantee they can't tell anyone anything about her. Any animal that might be watchin. No animals are allowed to watch her. Ever. Never. Can't ever be allowed.

Roleplayed Qualities (Non Mechanical)

None at the moment?


Her family situated in the Redmond Barrens Regress lived an average life with her Brother and Zen fiend mother. Though they'd live there for years life had not gotten easier and throughout most of it Clarita's brother had supported both her and her mother. Their father had never been in the picture and Clarita's mother had never explained why.

On an excursion to The Bishop's Corpse, Clarita's family was unfortunate enough to encounter a group of Fomóraig. At their first charge Clarita turned tail and ran sparing a single regretful glance over her shoulder at her brother, whoms face she would never forget. The Fomóraig's claws raining down on her brothers shield. Her mother screaming. Her brothers face distraught with confusion and betrayal.

She ran until her legs could no longer hold her. She'd lost track of all direction and found herself lost in the Puyallup Barrens. In time she'd call the place home, but just then the place only scared her. She'd go on to teach herself about the Magic that'd awakened in her that day. She'd learn to fear anything and everything that may possibly be spying on her. Though her life would be run by fear, eventually she'd be taken into Spider's care and through Spider she'd learn the benefits of knowledge. If not for Spider's guidance she may've never taken a step outside her multiple boltholes strewn across the Puyallup Barrens.

Appearance and Style

Clarita is an average sized Dwarf with scraggly raven black hair. Her outfit recycled plastiware and a few small accoutrements. (Bracelets, Simple Rings, Fetish Leather Gloves and Earrings)


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Great Deeds

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The Thousand Eyed Witch

Important People and Things Murdered


Automatic Stuff


Allies: None

Enemies: None


Contact toLoyalty
Little Juice Henry1
Louie Pharmstrong1
Frankie Foxtrot2

Notable Techniques


Notable Possessions





DateNameWorked With
3 February 2018It's Just a Game 2.0Actaeon
Host Dancer
14 February 2018This is a good thingWan
Garo (Retired)


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