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aka Pope Alex, Puupe, Poperino, etc.

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Your Average Pope Experience

Going on a Pope run is comparable to watching re-runs of The Nanny in the early afternoon - either you really like the show, you have nothing better to do, and/or there was nothing better on at the time. If you for some contrived reason end up at my table, I can’t promise that I’ll give you the most immersive experience, the most exciting atmosphere, the most interesting story, but I’ll give it the good old college try and have so far received some pretty good feedback in regards to all of the above factors, so apparently it’s not all bad. Hopefully, the following page can give you a good idea of what my GMing is all about (or rather, not about)

Views on the Setting and Realism

  • Tl;dr: Pro Sci-Fi! Not very Grimdark, often rather Mohawk, tends to end up all over the place. Humor’s good, maybe try not to turn the entire run into a joke, though.

The kitchen sink setting that is Shadowrun can’t decide on flavor and tries to appease all tastes, so it’s very natural that we’ll end up with a mixture of setting influences just due to the collaborative storytelling process, everyone’s preferences about their character and the world they’d like to live in. New players who aren’t sure what sort of mood my runs like to set might be confused initially or find themselves unable to be immersed; it’s essentially difficult for me to appease all of the crazy directions the setting tries to offer.

There’s this practice of ‘not thinking about it’ to get a better setting cohesion going, but not for this boy. Monads that have created super sci-fi technology fit perfectly into the already waning deathgrip of Cyberpunk and I think about it all the time, let’s go whole-hog. Magnet acceleration spaceship gates, all of the gravity manipulation technology, militarized plasma, if there’s one direction I can steer this confused setting towards, it’s definitely Sci-Fi. Shadowrun doesn’t know where it’s going, but in doing so it’s destroyed so many things about Cyberpunk that we may as well trudge forward into the shiny high-tech future.

Dice vs RP

  • (someone’s gonna hit me for putting these in opposition)
  • Tl;dr: RP to solve stuff is welcome, I tend to resort to dice challenges when I’m unsure, also rolling is great.

So, I love when a player can pull off a cool thing via RP instead of rolling dice, but as a bad Face myself, I’ll happily let other people rely on dice and let them declare intent instead. It’s not a big problem at all in my book, although I will concede that solving things through tests of some kind is so much easier for me, because I’m simply not all that proficient in the ways of narrativity. If a player goes “I wanna do X”, then usually my response is “Alright, test Y seems to be adequate here to get that done?” Rolling dice is fun and cool, but I also tend to use them as a crutch, so if you can pull off some sort of interesting scene without rolling dice at all, I’ll happily let you do it. Of course we’re still playing a tabletop game, so at some point there’s gonna be some sort of dicerolling involved and I don’t necessarily view that as a bad thing.

What if…

  • Declining at the Meet
  • Tl;dr: Sure, why not? Don’t Be A Dick, though.

You know, it hasn’t happened to me yet, but I’m sure nothing can go wrong and there won’t at all be drama about this in any way. Go for it! Try to follow the basic rules of Don’t Be A Dick (to the other players) when you do so, though. Basically, if your runner doesn’t wanna do this then that’s alrighty, but if the rest of the people are fine with it then maybe don’t try to kill the run before it started, as much as your character would probably have shot the J in the face.

Thwarting / Derailing Runs

  • Tl;dr: General enjoyment > individual agency

To me, general player enjoyment matters more than any one person’s character agency. If you’re infuriated by this, I cannot apologize. As such, if the party consensus is to screw the run, then let’s screw the run. If the players aren’t OK with a player going off on his own to sabotage the thing and instead showed up to solve puzzles and complete the run challenge, then I’m in agreement with them and would rather them try derailing another run where the players are less interested in actually completing it.

Consequences / Failure

  • Tl;dr: Consequences don’t just happen for the sake of them, failure is an option.

Erm, right. If there’s gonna be heavy, harsh consequences to actions, then I usually give enough warning beforehand. Sometimes, though, the danger of bad things happening is baked into the parameters of the run, and stakes are then naturally higher. Similarly, failure is pretty much always an option, and that’s fine. I don’t design unfair killer runs, though. I will try my best to be as fair as I can.

Poperino Table Rules

  • Full Defense: Can also FD after rolling defense test
  • Edge: Strongly in favor of player, can edge dodge even once dmg is announced
  • Freaks: Higher chance to be picked if you aren't multiple flavors of snowflake.

Non-Player Characters


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