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Jigurd, Jig, Sig, Jiggerino or "That Motherfucker" depending on who you ask.

Used to play Avatar, Cain, Presence and Hotshot

Currently plays Anthem and Check

Alleged GM.

/u/sigurdzs on reddit.


Style Sheet


20 October 2017Begin AgainJigurd
31 October 2017CounterfeitJigurd
23 November 2017Speak SoftlyJigurd
24 January 2018Point and SqueezeJigurd
26 January 2018Brand dealJigurd
26 January 2018On Stony ShoresJigurd
13 February 2018CinematicJigurd
4 March 2018Big IronJigurd
30 March 2018Lost And FoundJigurd
18 June 2018From Oslo With LoveJigurd
30 June 2018Cold OpenJigurd
3 July 2018Last ResortJigurd
4 July 2018A Zone That Is Yes, Forbidden... To YOU!Jigurd
6 July 2018Big Stick 2Jigurd
23 July 2018Broad Sails Over Northern SeasJigurd
26 August 2018The Belly of the BeastJigurd
10 November 2018Barbarians At The GatesJigurd
23 November 2018The Last Will And Testament Of Mortimer Lockwood (run)Jigurd
2 April 2019Pest Control (run)Jigurd