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Gender Male
Race Ork
Aura Type Mundane
Essence 1.23
Primary Role Street Sam
Secondary Role Low Level Infiltrator
Character Sheet [Chummer PDF]

Urist McVoice

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Street Cred 0


An orc Street Sam that has lost most of his emotion due to extensive augmentation. Follows a strict code so that he doesn't become a total monster.


Um, What? - Viking has trouble understanding others emotions.

No Need to be Rash - Viking tends to be careful

Voice like the Summer Wind - Viking is soft spoken.


  • Doesn't understand people
  • While not stupid, he doesn't have a lot of academic knowledge
  • Is a native of the Orc Underground

Notable Qualities

  • Code of Honor: Innocents (basically anyone not part of the job, or who can't fight back.)


Growing up in the Orc underground, Viking was one of many orphans in this place. The Skraacha took him in and raised him as one of their own. He fought many battles against the dangers of the underground. Ghouls, devil rats, rival gangs and more. The fights were tough and Viking needed an edge. He started buying cyberware to enhance his weak flesh. As the fights got tougher, Viking got more and more ware. One day a rival gang attacked one of the residential areas in force. Viking was one of the ones that went in. During the fight, some of the rival gang members took hostages to try and escape. Viking didn't hesitate and gunned them down. Meat shields and all. While the Skraacha leaders were fine with this, as the rival members had been killed, Viking was not. He spent time considering what had happened and realized something. He didn't care. He didn't care that he had mowed down a bunch of innocents. And this scared him. He then swore to himself that he would not do anything like that again. Not because he was a moral person, but because he feared what he would become. Not long after he left the gang, citing that he no longer felt like he should be protecting the people of the underground. He then took to the shadows and hasn't looked back.

Appearance and Style

  • Meat: Close to middle age for an Orc, his skin is tanned and rugged. His hair is starting to go gray on the edges and he has an impressive set of mutton chops. He's quite tall at 7' 1' and 230 pounds he isn't the kind of person you want to mess with. The only visible 'ware he has is a data jack and a pair of cybereyes that are colored solid amber. He seems a It's hard to place, but something about him seems...unnatural. Cold.
  • Astral form: Is a mundane, and even if he did somehow get here, he has so little essence that I'm pretty sure he would just drop dead.
  • Astral signature: A mundane that has removed a shocking amount of his own flesh. Most of his aura is cold and hard. What little emotion exists appears to be a mix of fear and determination.
  • Matrix persona: A very simple default avatar of an orc. Nothing fancy about it.
  • Styles and symbols known for: If you catch him in a t-shirt, you might see some Skraacha gang tattoos poking out of the right sleeve.


Viking tends to think things through before acting. He is soft spoken and prefers when someone else takes the lead. He doesn't really get people and is often confused why someone would be sad, angry, or happy. If planing an op, he prefers simple, straightforward tactics. Get in, do the job, get out.


While he might have been a shadowruner for only part of his life, he has lived in the shadows for all of them. This is the only life he has known and so he will continue it. He knows that most of the SINless aren't able to live as well as he does, and so he keeps running.


John Goodfell (UCAS)

Restricted Cyberware license, Firearms license, Bodyguard license, Concealed Carry permit, Drivers license, Explosives license, Restricted Armor license.

Max Smith (UCAS)

No Licenses

Name: Viking

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