War Doll

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Gender F
Race Human, CAS
Aura Type Mundane
Essence 1.13
Primary Role Biosam, heavy weapons+unarmed
Secondary Role Face
Character Sheet [[1]]
Player User:ACertive
Street Cred 1


Space marine sweet talker. Meat that can actually hold a conversation.

Things She Has Grappled and Probably Shouldn't Have

- Cybernetic Kill-Tiger

- Giant Blade Spider Drone


Something something face punching but also extremely convincing about it


Human female the size of a male ork. No one is happy about this.

Tiger mom upbringing succeeds beyond all expectations, just not in the way they wanted.

Nothing that big should move that quietly.

Notable Qualities

Prototype Transhuman - Its not all babies in vats in corp labs, sometimes its just the next step when performance enhancing drugs aren't enough anymore.

Good Looking and Knows It - Unnerving almost everyone around you just by being in the same room as them is a social opportunity. Do not apologize for your existance.

Alpha Junkie + Combat Monster - War Doll is working on remaining mostly sane despite a never ending cocktail of combat and social drugs circulating through her system every waking moment. Life is just one Big Mood.


Mommy get what mommy wants. Mommy wants you to get all As, you spend your time after school studying and fragged up on nootropics. Mommy wants you to win an athletics scholarship, well, those nice folks at Universal Omnitech have assured us their genetic enhancement package is undetectable by any test currently on the market.

The second of three siblings in an upper middle class household of grasping, yuppie scum, her childhood had been spent in sports, supplemental after-hours schooling, and endless criticism of her grades, performance and appearance to maximize her educational and earning potential. Its all fun and games until your parents decide the only way for you to be sure of winning that gymnastics scholarship is a totally not-a-supersoldier-program being offered for next to nothing by these nice folks in lab coats. The 40cm growth spurt her senior year made the usual problems of adolescence even more awkward. If you're wondering how you do competitive gymnastics at 2 meters tall, the answer is "you don't". Fortunately, it does let you roll in American college football, a sport traditionally dominated by orks, trolls, and the occasional elf receiver. Unfortunately, during freshman year at uni, a powder puff charity game turned lethal when she got a little too competitive. Charges were dropped, but academia no longer held its appeal.

In any event, the Az-Am war was still in need of bodies, and plenty of of recruiters are looking for washed up college athletes not sure what do to next. Honestly, she probably could've done worse than El Cuadrilla. They might take themselves a little too seriously, but a sense of ethics and guidelines is pretty important when you're a borderline unhinged transhuman. A few years on the CAS border and she decided to look elsewhere, plus the folks expected her to visit since she was in the area. The shadows are calling.

Appearance and Style

  • Meat: There is no hiding she's an augmented hard case, so she tries to avoid attention by looking like the sort of professional that corp execs want guarding their stuff. Unfortunately, there's only so much you can do to blend in and be a prissy normie. The armor jacket, tank top, and navel ring thing doesn't really work on a set of abdominal muscles fighting for space with one another. The overall effect is similar to putting spinning rims on tank tread wheels.
  • Astral form: Uh, well, there ain't much left.
  • Matrix persona: Stylized Queen of Swords tarot card


"I'M NOT NUTS, I'M JUST A SEETHING MASS OF MEAT AND MISFIRING BIOCHEMICAL REACTIONS. This means accidentally pulping the guy's head wasn't my fault."


Make the most of this career as possible. If you're gonna be a freak, be a rich, successful one.

Holidae Phister - Augmentations, Drugs, Drivers, Security Consultant, Bodyguard, Firearms, Less-lethal grenades, all at 4

Automatic Stuff


Allies: None

Enemies: None


Contact toLoyalty
Example Contact1

Notable Techniques


Notable Possessions





DateNameWorked With
10 April 2019Catspaw (run)Growth
War Doll
11 April 2019Runner of a Feather (run)Brick
Snow White
War Doll
13 April 2019Wayward YouthWar Doll
Ice Hawk
14 April 2019Race (run)War Doll
16 April 2019When After All, It Was You And MeBrick
War Doll
19 April 2019Warning ShotJet
War Doll
20 April 2019Do You Wanna Play A GameWar Doll
Snow White


Facts and Fictions

Things said and known about them


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